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MY2K Tour Contest

Posted by: Joy | Filed Under: 98 Degrees, O-Town | Comments Closed

98 Degrees along with O-Town, Dream and Ryan Cabrera are touring this summer in the MY2K tour. 98 Degrees working with TuneSpeak has a contest that allows fans to win two tickets to the MY2K tour and two VIPs for 98 Degrees.

What you have to do to win the contest is:

  1. For one-time points you can follow/like 98 Degrees on Facebook, twitter, etc.
  2. Once a day everyday you can look at 98 Degrees Facebook photos for one point.
  3. Once a day everyday you can watch 98 Degrees music videos for 5 points. If it is the featured Microphone lyrics video you get 15 points.
  4. Three times a day everyday you can listen to 98 Degrees songs for two points each listen.

Make sure you are logged in to tunespeak using your Facebook account and that you pick a city to enter and enter only one city. All points will be added to that city. One point equals one raffle entry. Try to get the most percentage of total entries.

I did this everyday until contest ended for the city I entered in and I ended up with 32.10% of the total entries. Tunespeak will randomly pick a winner from all entries and you will get an email that you won. The email will ask you to redeem the prize. You must do this within 48 hours of getting email or they will choose another winner. I won today and am waiting on email from 98 Degrees management on how to claim the tickets and VIPs.

98 Degrees Fanlisting

Posted by: Joy | Filed Under: 98 Degrees | Comments Closed

The 98 Degrees fanlisting is now open. The fanlisting is for the music group, 98 Degrees. Please feel free to join the fanlisting.

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