... to Green Hype, the collective run by Joy. The collective was prevously known as Filipina Princess and was opened sometime in January 2003. Please enjoy your stay!


  • Green Hype currently owns 187 fanlistings with 6 upcoming and 0 pending.
  • There are 7989 members in total and +1 member(s) waiting to be added.
  • I have joined a total of 1063 listings.
  • The newest listing I created is Jordan, Michael.
  • The latest fanlisting I joined was Bryant, Kobe.
  • Green Hype is currently affiliated with 2 other listing collectives.


I have finally finished fixing the collective and all listings so that they work with PHP 7.4. If you find something not working then please let me know. You can send an email to joy@greenhype.net or fill out the contact form.

I went through my list of joined KIM lists and deleted the ones where the site was adopted and there is no KIM list available. Almost all were deleted. I also joined one more KIM list.

I just found out that the Physical Fanlistings Network has re-opened. I've applied to have my Golden Retriever Physical Fanlisting re-listed. You can join the listing at Lovely: The Golden Retriever Physical Fanlisting. The physical fanlisting still uses Enthusiast as I haven't added it to Listing Admin. You can still join though and I will add you.

I am currently switching over to Listing Admin. Everything is to remain as it just with a new script. I am in the process of installing the script and then will be working on getting everything moved over to the new script. The KIM list will change from KIM Admin to the one in Listing Admin. Also I will be using the wishlist that comes with Listing Admin. As I move owned fanlistings over from Enthusiast and update the pages on the fanlisting I will delete the fanlisting from Enthusiast. In the meantime you can still join the fanlistings through Enthusiast.

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