... to Green Hype, the collective run by Joy. The collective was prevously known as Filipina Princess and was opened sometime in January 2003. Please enjoy your stay!


  • Green Hype currently owns 207 fanlistings with 1 upcoming and 0 pending.
  • There are 8292 members in total and +7 member(s) waiting to be added.
  • I have joined a total of 1090 listings.
  • The newest listing I created is Tacos
  • The latest fanlisting I joined was Beanie Babies
  • Green Hype is currently affiliated with 4 other listing collectives.


I have finally gotten Ekaterina's modified version of listing admin that is compatible with PHP 7+ uploaded and working for the most part. She was able to fix the following things in listing admin:

  1. Displaying upcoming listings in collective site
  2. Removing the pagination in listings members list country page
  3. Not being able to add affiliates
  4. Removing image when display latest joined listing in stats of collective site (I do not use images for joined listings)
  5. Not be able to edit member's info in listing admin control panel
  6. Fixed paging problem of wishlist in listing admin control panel (every page viewed showed the same listings as the first page)
  7. Fixed pagination problem when viewing joined listings in listing admin control panel

There may be more but I don't remember of the top of my head what they are. Also if I come across more problems. I will post here if there is a fix of them.

I would highly recommend upgrading to her version of listing admin. If you are using version 2.4 and don't have many customizations like I do then it is a simple fix. Just download the script and upload all files except the install and upgrade files and everything should work. You can find her version at scripts.robotess.net.

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