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This is just a little history of how this fanlisting came about leading up to what it is right now. It will be updated as I make major changes to the fanlisting.

I first decided to create a Justin Timberlake fansite back in 1999. I created it on Geocities. I used only html pages. I then expanded the site to use css file and decided to do a fansite for all of *NSYNC. I then realized the site was getting too big and I wanted to add lots of stuff using databases so on July of 2004 I bought www.nsyncfandemonium.com and named the fansite *NSYNC Fandemonium. It had a photo gallery, forum, downloads, etc.

Sometime after that I came upon fanlistings and saw that there was already one for *NSYNC and also for each member except Joey Fatone so I created one at fanlistings.nsyncfandemonium.com/joey. The layout was all pink and had a splash page with an image of Joey. When you click the image a page popped up centered on the browser. It used frames. The left frame had an image of Joey, the top frame had the links to the various pages, and the right frame is where the content loaded. I was adding each member manually. I then came upon phpfanbase and started using that. I became more and more interested in fanlistings and applied for more and created them all in phpfanbase which were found at fanlistings.nsyncfandemonium.com. The layout was still the same. I then came upon enthusiast. I saw that this was so much more easier. All I needed was one script for both joined and owned listings. I now own over 100 listings.

After this in December of 2006 I decided that I wanted to concentrate more on listings than on fansites so I closed down the *N Sync fansite and bought the domain, www.filipinaprincess.com. The name came upon as I was thinking of different names. All the ones I wanted as a domain were all taken. I had first considered dogstar.com, net, or .org but all were taken. I liked this because I am a huge Keanu Reeves fan and he was in the band, Dogstar and I love dogs and stars. I then came up with many others but eventually Filipina Princess came about because I am a filipina girl and everyone in my family calls me a princess. I was always there little princess so what better than to put the two together.

Filipina Princess was the home to my personal site and collective. This domain was launched on January 1, 2007. I then created a new layout for this fanlisting. It used DIVs, php, html, and css stylesheet. It was in different shades of brown. I was still using Enthusiast. The fanlisting was found at fan.filipinaprincess.com/joey/.

The domain, Filipina Princess, and all it's subdomain were hacked and was giving off a warning message or virus to computers. Since my domain was expiring I decided to purchase a new domain. Like the last time, I had a hard time picking a domain name. I had several in mind but all were taken. I then decided I wanted one with the word green in it since green is my favorite color. I came up with greenangel.com since my favorite song is "Angel" by Shaggy. This was already taken. I then considered doing a hypened domain name and going with green-angel.com, which is available. I decided to stick with a none hyphened name and decided I wanted a .net name. I thought of audiohype.net and said why not do greenhype.net. Low and behold it was available and I purchased it. I've since moved everything over to this new domain. This domain was launched on November 24, 2009.

This fanlisting was moved over to fan.greenhype.net/joey/ and kept the same layout. Then in February of 2011 I happen to come upon Listing Admin. I had found that I can have all joined fanlistings, owned fanlistings, fanlisting codes, updates, and wishlist all in one script and decided to convert over to that script. I have finished moving all listings to that script but have still to add joined listings. Then in January of 2012 I realized that I have had this fanlisting for almost 9 years and decided that I want it to have a new layout and add more content on Joey making it almost a mini-site as well. I sketched out on paper what I wanted the fanlisting to look like and then coded it up and came up with a layout. I wanted to keep it brown but change the shades of brown used. I also added the content that I wanted and the fanlisting was complete. In 2014 I decided to change layouts to a majority of my listings and decided to change the layout for this fanlisting. I had a layout for my Jessica Simpson fanlisting which I really liked so I changed thelayout to that one keeping the header image and the overall colors. This layout was completed on February 28, 2014.


I am the original owner of this fanlisting. I was approved by TFL on January 18, 2003 and opened the fanlisting the next day.