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Throughout the years, I have learned and grown up with the help of many people. First, I would like to thank God for the talent he has given me. Then thank my mom and dad for giving me life, love, and helping me find the talent God has given me. My bro, Steve, and my sister, Janine, fr putting up with me through the years (thank you a bunch - I love you guys!). I want to thank D.P.H.S. years with "The Big Guys" - Eric, Joel, and Fonzy (you guys started my passion for music). Love you guys! F.C. Coupe Troupe! Thanks to all the support, from my family from aunts, uncles, cousins, Grandmas, and Grandpas - all big hugs and kisses. Thanks! Thanks to my best friend Kris for putting up with me. Special K 831 for getting a chance to know me! Chunka-Chunka, Faeo, and the whole "Monster Clan" because I'm the J-O-Y!! My greatest thanks to Lou for the advice, Johnny for all you have done. Both of you believed in us and made our dream become a reality and now we must look upon the future! I'd like to thank BMG Ariola Munchen, Thomas M. Stein (for the chance of a lifetime), Jan, Andreasm Susi and the rest of the company. Thanks for all the family teamwork! Moms, Dads, and family members of the group for all their support. Robin Wiley and Robert - Thanks! To all of the above and the many people I did not mention, I love you and all the thanks in the world! The guys - Justin, JC, Chris, and Lance we have come so far, but we've got a long way to go! So let's go for it!

Finally, thanks to all the fans and media for all their support!! Thanks all again!!!

With the help of many people I've grown up. My thanks to my family, mom and dad for giving me life, love, and the support to use my talents. My bro Steve for his help and interest in my career. My sister Janine who gave me inspiration to sing and sometimes wipe my nose. I neverwould have done it alone. My grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who alwas werethere for me in every way. I want to thank my friendsin Brooklyn - Sabrina, Richie, Carmine and all at St. Mary M. of J. School. Those at D.P.H.S. Kristyn, (Big Guys) Erik, Joel Fonzy. The monsters at Universal Feyo, Chunka, Colleen, Mike N. (I owe you one for the tickets) and Kelly 831 for some very special help. Also I need to thank RCA, BMG, eeryone at Transcon, all the Transcon artists, NYPD Pizza all the press, radio and media, who help. Special thanks to Bob, Vince, Cliff, Jan and Andreas. Thanks so much. Last but not least, Johnny for being on our side and Papa Bear for being there and believing in us from the beginning, you're the greatest. There ain't nobody gonna stop us, gonna stop us, fonna stop us now!!!!!!!!!! Le's not forget all the people that are hiding in the office who work hard for us Doug, Mariel, Jim, Fishy Fish, Don, Richie, Aaron, Kim, Melanie, Julye, Albert, Darla, Christine, Frank, Alan, Scott and especially Karu for running, jumping and being my Lois Lane each and every day (putting lemon in my tea) Thanks and we love ya. I want to thank all the writers and producers if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be writing this. God bless. Let's not forget our fans. For all your suport and love, thanks! And if it were not for you guys, 'N Sync would not be here! If there's anyone I forgot please accept my apology & thanks... Joey

Before I thank anyone I would like to say Happy Holidays!! I am happy we could send the joy of the holidays to people through our music. I would like to thank God, of course, for bringing me and the guys into the world! My parents, bro, sis and the rest of the Fatone clan, all the producers, WEG Management, Trans Continental companies, Raven Knite Productions all friends and their families and to all our fans, thanks for making the end of our year a great one and keep on going strong in the new year. Thanks a bunch and much love. Joey

I will start it the way I always start to thank people: I thank God, Mom, Dad, Sis, Bro, Kelly Belly, my friends, my family, Johnny Wright, Chicken (Melinda), Security, our band and crew members that made our last tour a huge success, and especially Leslie, for all the blood, sewat and tears we all went through (We will miss you. Love you!)

Now I would like to thank those who made this album "without no strings": Pinicchio, Lambchop, Howdie Doody, X the Owl, King Friday, Cecil, The Muppets and the late Jim Henson for his years of entertaining in the past, present and future.

And for the guys: the closer and closer we are, the stronger we become and there ain't no thang that can put us back on a string. Thanks to all of you. You made my dream a reality.

Last but not least the fans! Thanks for you guys being there for us. We are so thanksful for you cutting our strings and letting us be free with creativity and inspiration for this album.

I love you all-Joey

I always dedicate each album to people that helped influence me on the making of the album. All of you are Celebrities to me. Most importantly, I would like to thank Mom, Dad, Steven, Janine, Kelly, Doozer, all my relatives and friends. You are my foundation and I am glad you are always there for me.

For all the people at our management company, record company, touring company, thank you for all you do to keep *NSYNC on top. Especially Johnny "decision maker" Wright, Melinda "Chicken" Bell, J to the O to the E "Chunka Chunka" Mulvihill, Tim "Losing Weight" Miller and Dave "They are coming to get me" Brown, thanks for putting up with me.

Randy, Loonie, Dre, Todd, Roger, Mike G., Eric, Mike H and Mo: thank you for hanging with me night after night, hour after hour may the marathon continue.

David, Bruce and Brad: you all know you are Celebrities in my eyes. Hey, since I said your name in the album, I should get $200 from each of you.

To all the producers, writers, choreographers (Wade, you can fill in for me anytime), our band, our crew and the Village People, your creativity has not gone unnoticed, thanks. A special thanks to Johana...your blue box is in the mail.

To all the people that thaought me what being a "Celebrity" was all about like Frankie Lymon, Marilyn Monroe, The Rat Pack and all of today's Celebs including Paul Ruebens, Ron, Jeremy, Robert Englund and Sandra Bullock. But seriously, to all the peopple that believed in us, had a place in their hearts for us and made this all possible, I can't thank you enough.

For all of you that picked up this album, I hope you enjoy it just as much as we enjoyed recording it and being on tour.

Lance, JC, Chris and Justin, thank you for your creativity and ideas to make this tour and album a success. I love you guys, and I support you in all endeavors. You guyrs are "TIGHT WORK."

I never thought that we would get this far and make our dreams come true but this is just the beginning and the five of us have a long road ahead of us as artists and musicians not just celebrities.

Joey Fatone