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"Forget it man! I don't need my license or a car. Hey dude! Gimme a ride! "

"What you got? You ain't got nothin' on me!"

"I only got one letter... So if you'd like to send your letters..."

"That was a good kiss by the way."

"People say I'm outgoing, always joking around, saying what's on my mind."

"I like a girl who can hang out in sweats and sneakers and look good like that...I want a girl who can dress up and look sexy."

"JC is the quiet one, Chris is the clown, Justin's the athlete and Lance is shy."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm gonna pee my pants."

"Whatever you guys like to do, I do it too, I think I just don't play hopscotch."

"What do I get, Pepe le pew', What does that tell you? I don't stink! I smell like flowers!"

"I have big nostrils because when I was younger, I used to pick my nose."

"I don't have a superman tattoo on my butt, I swear."

"I guess just a Big pool of Jello that's all I'm gonna say."

"Thats Lance, Lance is sleeping and I woke him up, Good night!"

"I could bite my toe nails, I just don't want to!"

"I don't play like a girl, I just can't play."

"I look like Bozo the Clown."

"No matter what I do, I go at it full-tilt and can't be stopped."

"We're single and ready to mingle."

"The best part about being on tour is meeting our fans and performing in front of thousands of people. It is a great feeling of it touches so many lives."

"When people are down I try to cheer them up. I'm always happy."

"There's so many channels to choose from."

"Every girl is considered a girlfriend in my book."

"All you fans out there are my girlfriends."

"I shaved my legs just for you."

"I fell off my bed once, it kinda hurt too!"

"My stuff is never a mess! I'm a very neat person!"

"You get all that knot and that kind of butterflies in your stomach and stuff like that and kind of like what that means to me is that when your with or without them it still hurts inside."

"Always try your best!"

"I stay up as late as I can, so when I get on the plane, I just pass out!"

"When I was younger, I was backing up out of a theater door, and I had popcorn in my hand and I walked backwards and I fell and all the popcorn fell on top of me. Everyone laughed."

"Sometimes we do quick changes, and one time I went on stage with my zipper down! I was just dancing and... I don't know. I just felt a breeze, I guess. I thought I just had to fix my belt, and I was like whoa!"

"Everyone said I was the ugliest women ever."

"Just look closely. Do we look normal?"

"We were in the room that rotates & I slid down the wall and my pants completely ripped, so they had to safety pin & duck tape it"

"I hit my butt on the rail, I didn't hurt myself though. I have a lot of padding for that."

"This mushroom walks into a bar and the bartender says no we don't serve your kind. And the mushroom says "Why I'm a fun guy."

"God spent a little too much time on my nose."

"I'm changing it now! It's not jello... it's money! I wanna roll in a pool of hundred dollar bills! Because everyone's been giving me jello! Boxes of jello! So it's hundred dollar bills I'd like to roll in!"

"Words came outta Lance's mouth...that weren't supposed to..."

"But I want to be covered with naked women.."

"So now I gotta buy it?"

"Isn't that cheesy..."

"Wade took my job man.."

"Wade took my job man.."

"I went to my grandmother's over the summer and I kissed a girl. I don't remember her name, but I do remember crying in the shower because I would never see her again"

"Chris is so sweet. He sweats sugar."

"It's Dude power!"

"Hello my name is Bobby" - Joey doing the Bobby voice

"All we do is eat, eat and did I say eat?"

"We wear spandex sometimes under our clothes, because we do a lot of heavy dancing .. and .. nevermind."

"I am a ski bunny. Going down the slopes." from Snowed In.

"My butt is getting too big. Been eating too many snack cakes." - Joey about his ripped pants on Rosie.

"Hey. How ya doing? No, no I don't want that burger. Ya know, hold the pickle." - from *N Sync Live

"We've had to wait way too long to release an album of new material" said Joey "Because of that, we have to move ahead musically."

NSA - "It's been such a learning experience and we've all grown as artists", Joey says. "We've grown up so much in the last 2 years since the first album came out. Our music is going to evolve along with our own evolution and our fans. And since we love so many different types of music, this album NSA really reflects that. You're gonna hear a whole new side of us."

"Dancing is a great way to get my mind off of things, have fun and check out the scene."

"Money can come and go, but the music still stays around."

"I've really never had a lot of fears, I don't know why."

"Most of our fans are really nice, always get a few nut cases, but in general they are really sweet."

"I'am a horrible typist, I'm just like plink, plink and before I know it 4 hours are gone already."

"Peace and love and never give up your dreams."

"I love seeing new places, but I also love going back to New York where I'm from."

"Do you ever listen to NSYNC's music in your spare time? someone asks. Obviously, most artists like their own music, but when you have to hear it day after day and sing the same songs, it can get kind of boring to listen to. I can listen to our new album though. I love how the edgy, up tempo tracks mix with the NSYNC harmonies."

What's your fave part of your job? "Performing and traveling. Everyone in the group has their fave cities."

What's the craziest rumor, you've heard about yourself? "That I was married and have 2 kids" and I said "Not anytime soon!"

You have grown up a lot since you've been in NSYNC right? "I think we have. The harder parts of this past year have opened our eyes and helped us learn from our mistakes. The most important part has been realizing that people can teach you, but you won't know anything, until you experience it for yourself"