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Full Name: Logan Phillip Henderson
Nicknames: Logie, Logie-Bear, Dimples, Logain, Batman
Birthday: September 14, 1989
Birth Place: Temple, Texas
Height: 5' 9"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown

• Favorite Color: Black.
• Favorite Animal: A White Tiger.
• Favorite Number: 5.
• Favorite Flower: Dahlia.
• Favorite TV show: Entourage.
• Favorite Band: The Clash.
• Favorite Sport: Basketball.
• Favorite Football Team: Dallas Cowboys
• Favorite Cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios.
• Favorite Superhero: Batman.
• Favorite Food: Japanese and Hibachi.
• Logan has a good voice but he never really considered himself a singer.
• Logan was a class clown.
• When Logan was younger he loved power rangers and had a crush on the pink one.
• Logan loves a girl with a great smile and girls who are confident.
• Logan loves coffee and usually has a few cups before the recording session.
• Logan's favorite Big Time Rush songs are Nothing Even Matters and If I Ruled the World.
• Logan plays a lot of sports and is a really good athlete.
• Logan loves to read.
• Logan claims that he is a science guy because he loves biology as a school subject.
• Logan's guilty pleasure is freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
• Logan can play the tambourine, guitar and piano
• Logan loves shades and jackets.
• Logan smiles in his sleep.
• Logan's bad habit is that he loves to sing wherever he goes.
• Logan says that if he could hang out with any performer he'd choose Bob Dylan.