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Full Name: Carlos Roberto Pena
Nicknames: Los, CP, Carlitos, The Conflect, The Conflict
Birthday: August 15, 1989
Birth Place: Columbia, Missouri
Height: 5' 6"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

• Carlos broke his toe during a Nerf Gun fight on the tour bus
• Carlos and the band would have loved to work with Michael Jackson, if he was still alive.
• Carlos loves shopping for Electronics
• Carlos' favorite instrument to play is the piano.
• The first time Carlos got star stuck was when he saw Megan Fox.
• Carlos Pena says he's the most insecure out of all of the Big Time Rush boys. • Carlos is the most responsible, they sometimes call him the mom, because he's always advising them & telling them to be careful & stuff.
• Carlos would love to go out with a British girl, again.
• Carlos says that so many kids asked him where his helmet was & he always laughs so hard. he says he might have to take it on tour soon.
• Carlos says they use every day to do something new & that their really grateful for their awesome jobs & lives.
• Carlos really wants to go to New Zealand
• One of Carlos' biggest dreams is to win an Academy Award one day.
Carlos is serious about talking to kids about giving their all at school & not giving into peer pressure.
• Carlos is always looking for charities for the BTR gang to help out with.
• Carlos is always happy to make an appearance to help with a worthwhile cause to raise money (especially in the California area)
• If Carlos had to pick between Lady Gaga & Rihanna, he would choose Rihanna
• Carlos' favorite part of the holidays is the food. He loves all the food his mom makes!
• Nothing gets Carlos in a better mood for the holidays than Food
• Carlos loves to go snowboarding.
• Carlos loves Valentine s Day!
• Carlos loves a girl who can be funny, talk about guys stuff, loves to have fun & can be a real girl