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Judy was voiced by Janet Waldo in the original television series, and by Tiffany for Jetsons: The Movie. Judy is a typical (some might say stereotypical) teenager of the future. Judy appears to be about sixteen years old. Her life revolves around fashion, boys, shopping at the mall and having endless phone conversations. She is a student at Orbit High School (as seen in the opening credits). She wears a hip, sixties-style outfit (the series premiered in 1962) and black shoes. She has not changed her regular clothes since the show's premiere. Despite her age, she has white hair which is likely an attempt to portray platinum blonde or bleached blonde hair. Judy is a huge fan of pop singer Jet Screamer, and once won a date with him by accidentally submitting her younger brother Elroy's secret code as a song titled "Eep, Op, Ork, Ah-Ah".