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Production Management
Howard Hanson (production supervisor), Jayne Barbera (executive in charge of production), Joed Eaton (post-production supervisor), Jean MacCurdy (executive in charge of production), James Wang (production manager) and Osamu Yoshioka (production supervisor: Toei Animation)

Art Department
Jeff Hall (story director), Alex Lovy (story director), Lewis Marshall (story director), Iraj Paran (graphics), Tom Wogatzke (graphics), Alvaro Arce (story director), Tony Benedict (story director), Ron Campbell (story director), Bill Perez (story director), Bob Singer (design supervisor), Gary Terry (story director), Tom Yakutis (story director), Scott Jeralds (design unit head ), Iwao Takamoto (creative designer) and Jack White (design supervisor)

Sound Department
Pat Foley (dubbing supervisor), Gordon Hunt (recording director), Michael Bradley (sound effects editor), David M. Cowan (sound effects editor), Alvy Dorman (sound director), Phil Flad (sound director), Mary Gleason (sound effects editor), Carol Lewis (sound effects editor), Catherine MacKenzie (sound effects editor), Kerry Dean Williams (sound effects editor), Jerry Winicki (sound effects editor) and David John West (sound effects editor)

Visual Effects Department
Dennis Bonnell (assistant computer supervisor), Donald Greenberg (computer graphics technical consultant), Bennett Leeds (computer animation system designer), Marc Levoy (computer animation system designer), Chris R. Odgers (computer animation system designer), Ann Tucker (computer animation supervisor / special effects scene planning), Bruce Wallace (computer animation system designer), Jim Mahoney (computer animation system designer) and Paul B. Strickland (computer animation supervisor)

Camera and Electrical Department
Roy Wade (camera operator), Frank Parrish (camera operator), John Pratt (camera operator), Hal Shiffman (camera operator), Cliff Shirpser (camera operator), Charles Flekal (camera operator), Frank Paiker (camera operator), Norman Stainback (camera operator), Steve Altman (camera operator), Curt Hall (camera operator), Ray Lee (camera operator), Ralph Migliori (camera operator), Joe A. Ponticelle (camera operator) and David Valentine (camera operator)

Animation Department
Charles A. Nichols (animation director), Richard Bickenbach (layout artist), Art Lozzi (background artist), Bob Abrams (background artist), Lee Branscome (background artist), Tony Sgroi (layout artist), Jack Huber (layout artist), Alex Ignatiev (layout artist), Jerry Hathcock (animator), Al Wilson (layout artist), Kenneth Muse (animator), Hugh Fraser (animator), Carlo Vinci (animator), John Kricfalusi (layout supervisor / layout artist), Don Patterson (animation director / animator), George Goepper (animator), Bill Keil (animator), George Nicholas (animator), Bill Perez (layout artist), Irven Spence (animator / animation director), Fernando Arce (background artist), Robert Gentle (background artist), Dick Lundy (animator), Frank Andrina (animator / animation director), Oliver Callahan (animator / animation director), Davis Doi (character designer), Joan Drake (animator / animation director), Lee Evans (character designer), Andrew Gentle (layout artist / key layout artist), Al Gmuer (background supervisor / key background supervisor), Bob Goe (animation director / animator), Rick Leon (animation director / animator (3 episodes, 1985-1987) Alison Leopold (ink and paint supervisor / color designer), Bill Proctor (background artist / key background artist), Joanna Romersa (assistant animation supervisor / animation director), Jay Sarbry (animation supervisor / animation director), Paul B. Strickland (checking and scene planning), James T. Walker (animator / animation director), Star Wirth (xerographer), Gloria Wood (background artist / key background artist), Robert Alvarez (animator), David Feiss (animation supervisor), Ed Love (animator), Tony Love (animator), Allen Wilzbach (animator), Rene Garcia (background artist), Fernando Montealegre (background artist), Edwin Aardal (animator), Harry Holt (animator), Iwao Takamoto (layout artist), Carlos Alfonso (animation supervisor / layout supervisor), Michael V. Bennett (animator), Teresa Birch (layout artist), Dave Burgess (animator), Bonnie Callahan (background artist), Rudy Cataldi (animator), Daniel de la Vega (animator), Jaime Diaz (animation supervisor / layout supervisor), Dave Dunnet (layout artist), Martin Forte (background artist), Alfred Gimeno (character designer), Charles Grosvenor (layout supervisor), Terry Hudson (layout artist), Barbara Huggins (layout artist), Michael Humphries (background artist), Bill Hutten (animator), Phil Lewis (background artist), Ernesto Lopez (animation supervisor), Don Lusk (animation director), Alex McCrae), Jim Mueller (layout artist), Terry Lee Mullen (layout artist), Ron Myrick (animator), Lynne Naylor (layout artist), Bob Nesler (animator), David O'Day (layout artist), Michael O'Mara (layout artist), Chris Otsuki (character designer), Juan Pina (animation supervisor / layout supervisor), Jeff Richards (background artist), Jeff Riche (background artist), Ron Roesch (background artist), Linda Rowley (layout artist), Aaron St. John (layout artist), Bonita Versh (animator), Jerry Eisenberg (layout artist), George Kreisl (animator), Willie Ito (layout artist), Jacques Rupp (layout artist), Irv Spector (layout artist), Mark Christiansen (character designer), Franco Cristofani (character designer), Kirk Hanson (character designer), Mike Kawaguchi (character designer / key layout artist), Lorraine Marue (key background artist / key layout artist), Patricia Palmer-Phillipson (key background artist), Jim Stenstrum (character designer) and Fred Warter (key background artist)

Editorial Department
Larry C. Cowan (supervising film editor), William E. DeBoer (negative consultant) and Mark Bernay (video tape editor)

Music Department
Hoyt Curtin (musical director / conductor), Cecil Broughton (music editor), Paul DeKorte (musical director), Daniels McLean (music editor), Terry Moore (music editor), Joe Sandusky (music editor), Joanne Miller (director of music supervision), David John West (music editor), Joseph Barbera (composer: theme music) and William Hanna (composer: theme music)

Other crew
Arthur Pierson (story supervisor), Alex Lovy (story director), Arthur Davis (story director), Arthur Alsberg (story editor), Don Nelson (story editor), Paul Sommer (story director), Peter Aries (production coordinator), Tony Benedict (story editor), Jerry Mills (technical supervisor), Art Scott (story editor), Joe Taritero (creative consultant / creative supervisor), Lawrence Goble (titles), Lewis Marshall (story director), Sandy Benenati (production assistant), Vicki Casper (production assistant), Barbara Simon Dierks (program administrator), Erika Grossbart (production assistant), Debby Hindman (production assistant), Mark Lesser (production assistant), Bill Perez (titles), Ginger Robertson (production assistant), Robin Strickland (production assistant) and Kris Zimmerman (talent coordinator)