» donna and david

The Beginning
David and Donna first started dating in high school. Donna was the socially awkward junior and David was a geeky sophomore. The start of their relationship was David asking Donna to a school dance and Donna accepting (under the stipulation that they were to go as friends). After being ridiculed by her friends for her choice of a date and realizing she had feelings for David, she publicly kisses him in the middle of the dance floor and announces to everyone that they are a couple now.

The relationship was strained at times because of Donna's determination to be a virgin on her wedding night and David's reluctance to respect her wishes. While they remain together through high school and their first year of college, even going so far as to share the beach apartment - although never the same room - and the season 4 finale reveals to the audience (and Donna) that David has been sleeping with a record executive he met a few episodes earlier. Donna is heartbroken and kicks David out of the apartment and breaks up with him.

Season 5 shows a more strained relationship that eventually softens to them becoming acquaintances - namely when Donna begins dating again. David starts dating Donna's new roommate, Clare, and he and Donna eventually find their way back to being friends again.

Time Goes On
Both of them remain friends for several seasons and through many of their relationships - most notably David was dating Clare and later Val, while Donna was seeing Ray and then Joe. David briefly tried to make her relationship with Ray harder because he wanted to get back together with Donna, but she refused to break up with him.

They each had different random relationships before finally getting back together in season 7. The night of their college graduation, Donna gives her virginity to David who asks how he got so lucky. She replies, "You waited" (frustrating many audience members who knew that he really didn't wait) and the relationship continues into season 8 with the two of them moving in together. David has money troubles that culminate in him forging a check from Donna and stealing $2500, leading Donna to break up with him.

While David doesn't take the breakup well, even going so far as to fake a relationship with Val just to make her jealous, Donna immediately moves on to Noah - a relationship that she's in through the majority of the remainder of the series. David was very bitter about the two of them together but eventually moved on.

The Wedding
When Noah and Donna break up just a few episodes before the finale, she and David decide to start dating again, ultimately leading to the announcement of their engagement and the wedding they are planning. The last episode of the series focuses on their wedding with the majority of their friends attending.