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Donna Martin-Silver is a fictional character from the television series, Beverly Hills, 90210. She was portrayed by Tori Spelling.

Donna started out as a shy, awkward teenager. She becomes romantically involved with David Silver. David and Donna become a couple at a dance and start dating. After they had been dating for a couple months, David tries to get Donna to have sex with him, in which Donna admits to being a virgin and tells him that she wants to wait until she is married to have sex. David agrees to respect Donna's wishes and they continue dating. David comforts Donna when she finds out that her mother was having an affair. David is Donna's boyfriend for a long time.

The next year, Donna and David are still dating and in a relationship. David cheats on Donna during the summer, but he apologizes and he tells her that he loves her. Later on in the year, David tries to get Donna to have sex with him again, but she tells him she wants to wait. Donna agrees to have sex with David during the prom. However, Donna drinks some champagne and gets drunk and is told that she cannot graduate. However, a march is organized and she is allowed to graduate.

The next year, Donna and David are still dating and David has been pushing the sex issue. David and Donna host a radio show as well. When Donna agrees to have sex with David, they get ready and are about to do it, but when they are interrupted and Donna tells David that she wants to wait, David is upset and he breaks up with Donna. David starts doing drugs, including crystal meth. Donna finds out that David is on drugs and she tries to help him. Donna and David get back together and continue to date. However, later on, Donna finds David in the back of a limo, having sex with someone else. Donna breaks up with David.

Donna becomes romantically involved with Ray Pruit the next year. Ray plays the guitar and he is a construction worker as well. Ray agrees to respect Donna's virginity and he writes a song for her. Ray tells Donna that he won't pressure her to do anything she is uncomfortable with. Donna and Ray celebrate the holidays together and their relationship gets more intimate. Ray takes Donna to a rock concert and shows her his world. Donna gets Ray to play at the After Dark, a night club.

Later on, a man named Garret Slan tries to rape Donna. He takes her at knife point and is about to rape her, but David comes to the rescue.

Donna dates Ray for a year, and he becomes abusive. He knocked her down a flight of stairs in Palm Spings and she breaks it off with him. Afterwards she becomes involved with Joe Bradley, but Ray continues to harass her and Joe. After dating Ray and Joe, she gets back together with David. When Garret Slan reappears in Donna's life, David, who is now Donna's boyfriend again, protects Donna from Garret. Donna is later taken hostage. Donna comforts David when he is diagnosed with manic depression. David takes Donna on a trip where he wants her to sleep with him, but she tells him she still wants to wait. On graduation night, Donna tells David that she is ready to have sex with him and they have sex.

Afterwards, Donna and David move in together. However, when David forged a check using Donna's name, Donna breaks up with him. She gets involved with Noah, but they break up later on and she gets back together with David. David asks Donna to marry him and they plan their wedding. Donna and David get married and have a wedding shortly after David proposed.