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I went to see the movie Divergent for my birthday. I wanted to see the movie because I saw the preview of it on TV and it looked good. I also loved the Secret Life of the American Teenager TV show and the main actress on the show, Shailene Woodley, is the main actress in this movie. I saw the movie and absolutely loved it that I decided to buy the book series.

I just absolutely love the book series. Each is amazing. I wouldn't mind reading them all again. I don't love one book more than the other. Each of them has something that I love about it. Overall, I just love this series and would recommend all to read and watch the movies.

Because of this, I decided to check to see if there was a fanlisting for each book and the series. There wasn't so I applied and you can imagine how thankful I was when TFL approved me for these fanlistings. I was squeeing with joy when I got the mail, and worked day and night on the website.


I was approved for these fanlistings on April 19th 2014, and I opened it on April 21st of the same year.