Layout Information

I started creating the layout as soon as I was approved for fanlisting. I looked at different fanlistings I had done and came up with a layout. Later I did not like the layout anymore so I decided to make it look like the Joey Fatone fanlisting because I wanted to do a mini-site with lots of info and pictures. I then decided that I did not want to make a mini-site and it was too much work adding all the info so I decided to make a layout to match the Point Break and Fast & Furious Series fanlistings. I then went to google images to find an image to use for this layout. When I found the image I created the layout colors based on the colors in the image. :-) It was made in February 2014 with Paint Shop Pro 9, Notepad and Microsoft Paint. I've used Times New Roman throughout the site, frizquadrata on the title, and becker for navigation / menu titles. :-)