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Kiss the Girls

Washington, D.C. detective and forensic psychologist Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman) heads to Durham, North Carolina when his niece Naomi (Gina Ravera), a college student, is reported missing. He learns from the local police, including Nick Ruskin (Cary Elwes), that Naomi is the latest in a series of young women who have vanished. Soon after his arrival, one of the missing women is found dead, bound to a tree in a desolate forest, and shortly after that, intern Kate McTiernan (Ashley Judd) is kidnapped from her home.

When she awakens from a drugged state, Kate discovers that she is being held captive by a masked man calling himself Casanova, and she is one of several prisoners trapped in his lair. She manages to escape and is severely injured when she jumps from a cliff and into a river to escape from his clutches. After she recuperates, she joins forces with Cross to track down her sadomasochist captor, who Cross concludes is a collector, not a killer, unless his victims fail to follow his rules. This means there is time to rescue the other imprisoned women, just as long as they remain subservient.

Clues lead them to Los Angeles, where a series of gruesome kidnappings and murders have been credited to a man known as the Gentleman Caller. Cross deduces he is working in collusion with rather than imitating his East Coast counterpart, but his efforts to capture and question him are foiled and the man escapes. Upon returning to North Carolina, he eventually discovers the underground hideaway used by, as well as the true identity of, the man who calls himself Casanova. The actual Casanova escapes, while his partner is shot and arrested. Cross then rescues the kidnapped women, including Naomi. Kate, after all that has happened, decides to call Cross, and ask him out to dinner at her house to get away from work.

While Cross is at home, getting ready, the real Casanova, Detective Nick Ruskin, calls off the police officers guarding Kate, and tries to kill her. Upon meeting Ruskin, Kate soon catches on to his plans and attempts to escape. After a fight and attempted rape, Kate manages to use Ruskin's own handcuffs on him and handcuffs him to the oven. Ruskin slashes Kates' arm with a kitchen knife. In attempting to free himself, Ruskin pulls the oven away from the wall, breaking open the gas pipe. Ruskin takes out a lighter, which would cause an explosion due to the leaking gas. Alex Cross shows up and tries to talk him down but when this fails, has to shoot Ruskin though a milk carton so the muzzle blast from his pistol does not ignite the gas. Cross comforts Kate as the Police arrive.

Morgan Freeman ....   Alex Cross
Ashley Judd ....   Dr. Kate McTiernan
Cary Elwes ....   Det. Nick Ruskin
Alex McArthur ....   Det. Davey Sikes
Bill Nunn ....   Det. John Sampson
Jeremy Piven ....   Det. Henry Castillo
Brian Cox ....   Durham P.D. Chief Hatfield
Jay O. Sanders ....   FBI Agent Kyle Craig
Tony Goldwyn ....   Dr. William Rudolph
William Converse-Roberts   ....   Dr. Wick Sachs
Roma Maffia ....   Dr. Ruocco
Richard T. Jones ....   Seth Samuel
Gina Ravera as ....   Naomi Cross
Heidi Schanz ....   Megan Murphy
Tatyana Ali ....   Janelle Cross
Anna Maria Horsford ....   Mrs. Vicki Cross
Helen Martin ....   Nana Cross