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On February 26, Sonja-Leigh (@otown_rewind) did a O-Town game day where O-Town fan played games all day on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I played. The game where I won a photo was:

I'm thinking of a lyric from @OTownOfficial Rewind, what is it?

Rebecca (@rebecca939) and I were the only two playing this game. It was a hard one as it was a long song and could be any lyric.

The lyrics Rebecca and I posted were:

Me: When love was a drug we couldn't get enough of each other baby
Rebecca: What if I told you "Im not the man I used to be" What if I told you "just give me one shot and then we'll see"

Both were wrong.

Me: You're a cocaine heroine. Where the hell do I begin? You took me places that I never ever never been. We're cookin blue bitch.
Rebecca: Youre straight from the stars, I said Id never try it, now I need more and more...

Both were wrong again.

Me: Stop, rewind, pause, why?
Rebecca: Lets turn back the clock now...

Still both were wrong.

Me: Ask Mr. Pinkman
Rebecca: Bring it back

Still not right.

Rebecca: We could rewind
Me: Let's just rewind

Let's just rewind was correct and I won a photo.

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