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Rachael vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off—Episode 1

Fatone's Camarones

In episode 1 Team Racheal's food theme was "Hot In The City" (Spicy Foods) and Team Guy's food theme: Mexican Foods. The task was for each celebrity to cook a dish that would feed 150 people. Then they had to serve the food and then each team had to entertain the people as a team. Joey made Fatone's Camarones, which are shrimp kabobs.

After everyone has eaten they are given a token and have to vote. They drop a token in either Rachael or Guy's jar. Then they have to fill out a ballot deciding which was the best and worst food from that team. The tokens from each jar were counted and the one with the least amount of tokens were the losing team. The other team was safe from elimination. The losing them were then told which two celebrity from that team was the bottom two. Those two had to compete one more time against each other. The losing team was Team Rachael.

Taylor Dane and Aaron Carter were in the bottom two. They were given 10 minutes to cook a dish that used the secret ingredient, which was shrimp. They both made a shrimp scampi dish with Aaron losing and going home.

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