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I was just watching an episode of Lingo that aired on April 19, 2007. One team had brother and sister Sam and Niki. I kept saying that they both look familiar. Not familiar in terms that I've already seen this episode of Lingo but familiar in terms that they look like people I've seen in either a movie or TV show but I couldn't quite put my finger as to where I saw them. I kept looking online to try and find out who they are. I ended up finding out that they are Sam Saletta and Nicole Saletta who were both on 7th Heaven. 7th Heaven is one of my favorite TV show.

Sam Saletta played Simon Camden's uncle George Camden. George was the foster child who ran away from the foster home and was adopted by Col. John Camden and his wife Ruth, who are Simon Camden's grandparents on his father's side.

Nicole Saletta played Simon Camden's girlfriend Deena Stewart. She was one of Simon's first serious girlfriend and his first real love. She and her parents were going to move away in one episode and Simon tried to get his father to allow her to move in with them so that they could be together.

In this episode of Lingo the bonus round jackpot was $38,000. Sam and Niki won the game and went on to play the bonus round. They had 3 lingo balls to use. They got 9 words right and won $5,000.

It is great to watch Lingo and see famous people on the show. There are some people on the show who were not famous when they were on it but were famous after and I love seeing that.

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