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I just saw the episode of tonight and I can't believe what I just saw. How could they kill off Adrian and Ben's baby. I watched the episode and cried so much. As soon as I saw Ben crying and telling his father what happened I just started crying. When all their friends came to the hospital and Ben and his father told everyonw what happened and they all started crying I strated crying even more. I don't know what will happen to Ben and Adrian. I hope that they do not get a divorce and can get over this and stay together. Why woud they do this to the baby on the show? I just hope that Adrian and Ben will be alright? Can't wait until next week to see what happens to Bena dn Adrian. The baby was alright the day before so how could it have died. So far, this has been the worst episode. Many people on facebook say that they will not watch the show again if the baby dies. I am still going to continue to watch the show because I love the show.

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