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Production Management
Howard Hanson(production supervisor)

Sound Department
Richard Olson (sound director / sound direction) and Buddy Myers (sound director)

Camera and Electrical Department
Frank Paiker (camera operator), Charles Flekal (camera operator), Norman Stainback (camera operator), Roy Wade (camera operator), Joe Nasta (camera operator), Vic Shank (camera operator), Jerry Smith (camera operator), Wayne Smith (camera operator), Gene Borghi (camera operator), John Pratt (camera operator), Hal Shiffman (camera operator), Ted C. Bemiller (camera operator), Bob Collis (camera operator), Dick Blundell (camera operator), Bill Kotler (camera operator) and Frank Parrish (camera operator)

Animation Department
Richard Bickenbach (layout artist), Walt Clinton (layout artist), Robert Gentle (background artist), Richard H. Thomas (background artist), Fernando Montealegre (background artist), Art Lozzi (background artist), Charles A. Nichols (animation director), Kenneth Muse (animator), Dick Lundy (animator), Carlo Vinci (animator), Don Patterson (animator), George Nicholas (animator), Ed Benedict (character designer / layout artist), Ed Love (animator), Bill Keil (animator), Ed Parks (animator), Edwin Aardal (animator), Lance Nolley (layout artist), Arrahwanna Thomsen (ink and paint artist), Dan Noonan (layout artist), Hicks Lokey (animator), Bob Carr (animator), George Goepper (animator), Jerry Hathcock (animator ), Allen Wilzbach (animator), Jack Carr (animator), Emil Carle (animator), Ralph Somerville (animator (6 episodes, 1962-1963) ), Rene Garcia (background artist), Jack Huber (layout artist), Hugh Fraser (animator), Willie Ito (layout artist), Harry Holt (animator (5 episodes, 1962-1963) ), Neenah Maxwell (background artist), Alex Ignatiev (layout artist), Fernando Arce (background artist), Phil Lewis (background artist), Chuck Harriton (animator), Bill Hutten (animator), Don Watson (background artist), Irven Spence (animator), Amby Paliwoda (animator), Jerry Eisenberg (layout artist), Iwao Takamoto (layout artist), Richard Khim (background artist), Don Sheppard (layout artist), Arthur Davis (animator), Robert Bentley (animator), Laverne Harding (animator), Don Williams (animator), John Boersema (animator), Jack Ozark (animator), Ken Southworth (animator), Irv Spector (layout artist), Harvey Toombs (animator), Bill Perez (layout artist), Curt Perkins (background artist), Tony Sgroi (layout artist), Rudy Cataldi (animator), Don Peters (background artist), John Sparey (animator), Michael Webster (animator), Fred Wolf (animator), Ed Barge (animator), Gino Giudice (background artist) and Larry Silverman (animator)

Editorial Department
Randall Robinson (apprentice film editor), Warner E. Leighton (supervising editor / supervising film editor) and Donald Douglas (supervising editor)

Music Department
Hoyt Curtin (musical director), Ted Nichols (musical director), Joseph Barbera (composer: theme song "Meet the Flintstones") and William Hanna (composer: theme "Meet the Flintstones")

Other crew
Alex Lovy (story director), Arthur Davis (story director), Lawrence Goble (titles), Dan Gordon (story director), Arthur Pierson (story supervisor / story supervision), Paul Sommer (story director), Lewis Marshall (story director) and Don Sheppard (story director)