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Eminem cites Dr. Dre as his role model (or mentor).

He used to be part of the groups Soul Intent, Bassment Productions, Outsidaz and D-12

Eminem's rivals are Insane Clown Posse, Cage and Everlast

His biggest fear is anything negative happening to his daughter Hallie Jade

He is an avid fan of basketball team, Detroit Pistons.

Eminem likes to do tours in Amsterdam and London

His hobby is bowling.

Eminem is best found wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

He hates when former employees and friends write unauthorized biographies about him.

Eminem considers his worst quality to be that he's a smart ass and his best quality to be that he is a good father and is "able to use my music as therapy."

Eminem has started his own record label called "Shady Records".

In June 2011, Eminem sued German car manufacturer, Audi as they used his song "Lose Yourself" in their advertisement for 2012 Audi A6.

He spent three years in ninth grade as he bunked the classes and received poor grades.

He has worked as a cook in a family restaurant before becoming famous.

He started rapping at the age of 14 along with his friend. He took the name "M&M", which later changed to "Eminem".

He was good friends with rapper "Proof". He died on April 11, 2006. Proof was gunned down by club bouncer Mario Etheridge.

Eminem's mom was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in the past.