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California Dreams is an American TV series that aired from 1992 to 1996. The teen-oriented program aired on Saturday mornings on NBC. It was created by writers Brett Dewey and Ronald B. Solomon and executive produced by Peter Engel, all known more for their work on Saved by the Bell. California Dreams was about a multiethnic group of teens creating a band and having fun under the sun. The show's plots combined real-life issues with zany adventures. It covered a range of topics such as fear, using drugs for a competitive edge, falling for scams, letting greed overtake friendship, accepting a divorced parent dating, forgiving others for past wrongs, and dealing with general teen social problems.

Original format and character history
California Dreams was originally intended to be a family sitcom, mainly centering on the Garrison family. In the first season, the main characters of the show were Matt Garrison (the teenage son and leader of the band) and Jenny Garrison (the vocalist/pianist in the band who was also Matt's younger sister) along with the rest of the Garrison family, Richard (the dad), Melody (the mom), and Dennis (the 8 year old younger brother).
The other three main characters would be the only three characters to have appeared throughout the show's entirety. They are Tiffany Smith (the bass player), Tony Wicks (the drummer) and Sly Winkle (the teenage manager of the band).

Season 2
NBC executives, however did not like the show's original format. By Season 2, the focus of the show changed from the Garrison family, to the teens who formed the California Dreams band.
In Season 2, a fifth member of the California Dreams band was introduced. Jake Sommers became the band's second guitarist. Jenny's character was the first to leave the show very early into Season 2 (for a music school opportunity in Italy).
In the following episode, the show brought in its first replacement character, Samantha Woo, a foreign exchange student from Hong Kong whom the Garrisons take into their home. When Sam's singing voice is noticed by the band she becomes the band's new vocalist in Jenny's old place.

Season 3
By Season 3, it became obvious that the band's (and the show's) original premise would come to an end when Matt left the show (signaling the idea that the entire Garrison family left the show). In Matt's place in the band was Mark Winkle, Sly's shy cousin from New York. Another character added to the cast was Lorena Costa, a band groupie from a rich family who takes Sam into their home after the Garrisons' departure. There were no more cast/character changes to the show after that. California Dreams had much fewer cast changes compared to other TNBC shows on during the show's run such as Hang Time and Saved by the Bell: The New Class.

Character pairings
When Jake is first introduced at the beginning of Season 2, it seemed that he and Jenny would be paired up, but that had to die in episode three when Jenny's character left the show. Later into that season Jake and Tiffany become a couple. In the season finale however, Jake refuses to attend the prom with Tiffany so she goes with someone else as friends. When Jake changes his mind and goes to the prom in search of Tiffany, he finds her kissing the guy she took to the prom (but it was an unintentional kiss on Tiffany's part) and Jake breaks off the relationship.
With Lorena introduced in Season 3, the pairings and romantic situations become more complex. It begins with Sly's attempts to win Lorena's affections (though it arguable whether or not if was due to her family's wealth). A few episodes later, Sam and Tony became a pair. They remain a pair throughout the show's entirety. For a time, they were even briefly engaged. Late into this season Jake and Lorena become a pair.
In the Season 4 premiere, Jake and Lorena break up and then it is discovered that both Lorena and Tiffany still had feelings for Jake (creating the first love triangle). Jake chooses to get back with Tiffany for the rest of the series.
During Season 4 onward, Sly tries to go after Lorena again. And near the end of the series they become a pair at last.

Series finale
The series finale found the band on the verge on embarking on new crossroads in life. Tiffany is planning on attending school in Hawaii to study marine biology, Sam is moving to England to study physics, Tony is off to study acting at an undisclosed location, Mark is moving to New York to study at Juilliard, while Sly and Lorena are to attend Pacific University. All of the members are excited and looking forward to starting the new stages with their lives, except for Jake, who wants to keep the band together. When a music producer offers Jake a record contract, he quickly refuses, because the rest of the band aren't given one themselves. Luckily, Tiffany convinces Jake that she and the rest of the band have moved past the Dreams and want to discover the new phase of their lives, rather than continue on as a band. Jake realizes this and signs the contract. The episode ends with the California Dreams playing one last gig, and their tearful goodbyes to one another.