... to Green Hype, the collective run by Joy. The collective was prevously known as Filipina Princess and was opened sometime in January 2003. Please enjoy your stay!


  • Green Hype currently owns 174 fanlistings with 0 upcoming and 9 pending.
  • There are 7909 members in total and +9 member(s) waiting to be added.
  • I have joined a total of 1040 listings.
  • The newest listing I created is Disney: Mickey Mouse.
  • The latest fanlisting I joined was Efron, Zac.
  • Green Hype is currently affiliated with 1 other listing collectives.



Today Cassie did a contest where you had to re-tweet a tweet and she will pick one winner to win a bracelet.

What she did was put all Twitter names into a hat or something and pull out a name. That was the winner. She did not pull out my name so I did not win. She decided that she was going to give away another bracelet and this time she pulled my Twitter name. After this she did two more winners.

I won this bracelet.

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