(1) You must be a fan of Microsoft Word.

(2) Please provide a believeable name. Names like Word6392, WordFan and ~*~Chrissy~*~ are not acceptable.

(3) You don't have to have a web site to join, but you do need to provide a working e-mail address and your country of residence.

(4) If you have a web site and would like it to be listed on the members page, you have to link to, either image or text, on your page at all times (even if you are on hiatus!). Do this BEFORE YOU JOIN because I check your site within minutes of when you sign up, sometimes. Have a heart, I am linking your site, so please link my fanlisting.

(5) I don't mind swearing, tasteful nudity or expressing your opinion. However, I will not add a link to your site if I find it offensive.

(6) Keep your information current by using the update form.

(7) I will accept LiveJournal, Blurty, UJournal, etc users, but you must find a place to upload the image, if you use one. Direct linking (or bandwidth stealing) is NOT allowed! I recommend Fotki or you can search for more.
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