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Season 1

Welcome to the Club
October 12, 2007
Lindsay, Claire, Jill and Jacobi investigate the murder of a prominent San Francisco reporter, and get unexpected help from the victim's co-worker, who has an interest in serial killers. In their private lives, Lindsay faces up to the past when her ex-husband is brought into her police department in a leadership role, and Jill faces a domestic crisis.

Train in Vain
October 19, 2007
Lindsay and Jacobi hunt down a killer who committed a triple homicide on a subway car, and discover a disturbing twist in the killer's motive. Cindy tries to gain the respect of The Club. Jill prepares to move in with Luke. Claire helps Ed through his recovery. Lindsay meets Tom's fiancée.

Blind Dates and Bleeding Hearts
October 26, 2007
While investigating a woman found dead in an alleyway, Jill bonds with the victim's teenage daughter. Meanwhile, Lindsay is encouraged by her friends to return to the dating scene and Claire attempts to bring the romance back into her marriage.

Grannies, Guns and Love Mints
November 2, 2007
The Club investigates an underground drug ring that's being run out of a nursing home. Lindsay feels pressured into going on a date. Jill makes a huge decision in her relationship with Luke.

Maybe, Baby
November 9, 2007
Lindsay and Jill contemplate their own biological clocks when The Club investigate the murder of a young man and the disappearance of his pregnant wife.

Play Through the Pain
November 15, 2007
The Club investigate the murder of an NFL quarterback whose death was made to look like suicide. Meanwhile, Lindsay runs into Heather the day after her night with Tom, and the two men in Jill's life finally meet.

The Past Comes Back to Haunt You
November 16, 2007
The Club have 24 hours to stop an innocent man's execution and find the real killer of the woman he was accused of murdering. Meanwhile, Jill discovers corruption in the D.A.'s office, and Lindsay worries that her one night stand with Tom may have resulted in pregnancy.

No Opportunity Necessary
November 23, 2007
The Club investigate the murder of an illegal immigrant, where the only witnesses are the victim's father (who was also shot), and his young daughter. Meanwhile, Lindsay calls in Heather to get through to the girl, and Jill turns to Denise for help when an immigration official turns up.

To Drag and to Hold
December 7, 2007
The Club delve into San Francisco's drag queen community while investigating a murder. Meanwhile, Tom and Heather tie the knot, and Luke finally discovers the truth about Jill and Hanson's affair.

January 4, 2008
The Club investigate the decapitation of a wine broker, and suspicion falls on his business partner. Agent Ashe tries to get Lindsay to investigate the Kiss Me Not Killer with him, and Lindsay is forced to come clean over the threat on her life. Tom and Heather return from their honeymoon.

Father's Day
April 29, 2008
Lindsay bends the rules while investigating the murder of an undercover cop, and gets a rude awakening when her dirty ex-cop father suddenly reappears in her life. Meanwhile, Cindy still feels distant from the rest of The Club and Lindsay meets a handsome stranger.

And the Truth Will (Sometimes) Set You Free
May 6, 2008
Both Lindsay and Jill question their ethics over a rape suspect who is found murdered. Meanwhile, Lindsay considers taking her relationship with Pete to a new level.

Never Tell
May 13, 2008
Lindsay risks the lives of both herself and her father in an effort to capture the Kiss Me Not Killer once and for all, when a woman's kidnapping leads to the killer's identity being revealed to The Club.