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I have always loved watching action/thriller movies. One day my mom and I watched the movie, Kiss the Girls. I loved the movies. One day at Barnes & Noble I was checking out the mysteries section because I love to read mysteries and thrillers. I saw the book for Kiss the Girls and bought it since I saw the movie and loved it. I loved the book as well that I decided to read another book in the ALex Cross series. Since I saw the movies Along Came A Spider I decided to read that one. I read it and loved it too. I instantly became a fan of James Patterson. I then decided to read 1st to Die and loved it too.

I just absolutely love all the books in the Women's Murder Club series. I think they are simply amazing. I've read all of them and will continue to read them. In 2007 they made a TV show based on the women in the Women's Murder Club but cancelled the show after only 13 episodes. I loved the show and was sad that it was cancelled.

For my love for the women in the Women's Murder Club I decided to make a fanlisting for them. One day I went to go to TFL to see if there was one for them and saw that there wasn't one. I applied and was so excited when TFL approved me for this fanlisting. I screamed for joy when I got the mail, and worked day and night on the website. This fanlisting is for both the characters from the books and the characters from the TV show.


I was approved by TFL on August 19, 2006 and opened the fanlisting the next day.