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What is a fanlisting?
A fanlisting is a place for all the fans of a particular topic to come together and build the biggest listing of people all around the world who are fans of that subject. ~ TFL

What are stereos?
Stereos are a sound system, typically including a CD, tape, or record player, that has two or more speakers and produces stereo sound. You can have stereos in the home and in the car. There are also portable stereos with or without a handle. Some of these portable stereos are known as boomboxes.

Why the fanlisting?
I love music. I love stereos because you can listen to music on them from CD, tape, record or radio. I also love how you can hook it up to the tv for extra added sound. I have never considered onwing the fanlisting for stereos until it was up for adoption. I applied and got it. I can honestly now say I love the fanlisting and am glad I applied for it.