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How the domain came about?
The domain came about back in January 2003 when I was a huge *N Sync fan and had stumbled across fanlistings and decided to create one for *N Sync but there was already one for them. I then decided to create a fanlisting for Justin Timberlake because he was my favorite one of the group but there was one already for him. So then I decided to create a fanlisting for one of the other members of the group. The only one available was for Joey Fatone so I opened it in Yahoo Geocities. I already had an *N Sync fansite in Yahoo Geocities. I then decided to buy a domain and host for the *N Sync Fansite. I purchased since *N Sync Fandemonium was the name of the fansite. I moved my *N Sync fansite to the new domain and created a subdomain, to use for the Joey Fatone fanlisting and all fanlistings to come.

Then in 2006 I decided I no longer wanted to maintain the *N Sync fansite so I closed it down and purchased after much debate over the domain name. I loved the domain because I'm Filipina and sometimes can be referred to as a princess. I was sure I was going to keep this domain forever.That didn't happen because one day in 2009 my domain and all subdomains were hacked into and even after removing all traces of hack and literally everything from the domain I still couldn't view the domain with just a basic index.htm so I decided to purchase another domain to help fix the problem. After much debate over the name of the fanlisting I decided I wanted a .net name and came up with several including,,,,, and I thought of marchgirl because I was born in March and I'm a girl. marchstar was because I remember someone having a collective with the domain and I really liked that domain. I ended up wanting a domain that had green in it, because green is my absolute favorite color, so green-incentive and just popped into my head. I was going to choose but there was already a domain and I didn't want to have the same domain name. I then thought of using a hypen and got but didn't use this domain as I later decided I wanted a non-hypened domain. This made me exclude because it had a hypen. I then went on to think of other domains. I remembered that there was a collective with the domain, which I absolutely loved the name, and thought of and it was available so I purchased it. This domain reflects my love for the color green. As you can see from my room it is all green. The walls are painted all green. My bedsheets/comforter/pillowcases are all green. Not to mention that my favorite thing to eat in the whole wide world is the color green (broccoli). Hopefully this domain won't be hacked into and I can keep it around for a really long time.