Plot Summary
When the police can't help you and the press will destroy you, when you need maximum force and maximum discretion, there's only one place to go-Private, the detective agency that will get the job done, even if they have to break a few rules to do it.

Jack Morgan - The Leader: Jack served in the Marines, where he saw action in Afghanistan and was involved in a helicopter crash that killed most of his squadron. After returning from duty, he took over and rebuilt Private, the agency founded by his father, Tom. Jack restored the first-class reputation Private lost after Tom's Incarceration and death, opening up offices all around the world.

Jack has a twin brother, Tommy, who takes after his father and with whom he has an intense rivalry. Tommy enjoys tormenting Jack and even has gone as far as to threaten to kill him.

With his cool demeanor and good looks, Jack is a ladies' man who has trouble settling down due to his inability to share his innermost thoughts and feelings with others.

Justine Smith - Second-in-Command: Justine is number two at Private. A psychologist by trade, she uses her smarts, training, and determination to solve cases.

Formerly, Justine and Jack dated seriously. They even went as far as to buy a house together, though she moved out when the relationship ended.

Rick Del Rio - Investigator: Rick served in the Marines with Jack and is the only other survivor of Jack's helicopter crash in Afghanistan. Rick got into some trouble upon his return home from the service, but after a four-year prison term during which he spent his time studying criminal law, he accepted Jack's offer to come work for Private.

With a quick temper, Rick has the tendency to get himself into hot water when on a case.

Emilio Cruz - Investigator: Emilio is an investigator at Private. Once a world-ranked prizefighter, he stepped out of the ring and became a police officer. Eventually he left the force and worked as a private investigator for the District Attorney's office before joining Private.

He has a bulldog-like tenacity when it comes to getting the truth, and long hair that he usually keeps in a ponytail.

Seymour Kloppenberg, aka "Dr. Sci" - Chief Criminologist: Seymour, also known as "Dr. Sci," is Private's chief criminologist. He loves technology and always has the most advanced new gadgets in his state-of-the-art lab. When not running analyses in his lab, he likes to video chat with his girlfriend, Kit-Kat. He also loves horror movies.

Maureen Roth, aka "Mo-bot" - Computer Specialist: Maureen goes by the nickname "Mo-bot." She's the computer genius for the Private team. In her fifties, she's still young at heart with tattoos and spiky hair.