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The O-Town fanlisting is now open. The fanlisting is for the music group, O-Town. Please feel free to join the fanlisting.

Today O-Town's Lines & Circles came out in mp3 format in iTunes and Amazon. It was actually available before midnight last night. All the O-Town fans, including me, had a tweet fest about the upcoming album last night.

Anyways, today Jacob fan (JacobOtownFan) / Erik-Michael fan (ErikMichaelFans) did a contest on twitter where she was giving one grand prize and two other prizes to three lucky winners. The contest was as follows:

Hello Townies! In honor of O-Town releasing their new album Lines & Circles, we have decided to celebrate with a giveaway! We are going to buy one lucky fan a GA (general admission) ticket to an O-Town show of their choice! Any city, and any venue, IT'S ON US! :) Wanna Know how to win?? Help us spread the word about Lines & Circles!!! It's that easy! Be the first person to complete the checklist below, and you could very soon be holding an O-Town show ticket in your hands! :) (If you already have a ticket to a show, we will reimburse you up to $45.00 value) 2nd and 3rd place winners will recieve a bracelet of their choice! :)

Contest will start at 12 pm
Central time on 8/24
8 Facebook posts
24 Tweets
14 Instagram pics
10 #LinesAndCircles related retweets!

All tweets, posts and pics must be promoting the new album! ***NO DUPLICATE TWEETS*** You MUST include the hashtags #LinesAndCircles, and #TownieTix in every post, making sure to tag @OTownOfficial in all as well! (If you do not include the #TownieTix hashtag, we can't tally your posts!) Please tweet and let us know when you complete your checklist, and we will start tallying. Good luck and THANK YOU for supporting O-Town!!! )

These were my posts: FaceBook (8 Posts)

  1. Please support @OTownOfficial by buying their album #LinesAndCircles. You know you want to. #TownieTix
  2. Once a #Townie always a #Townie. #LinesAndCircles #TownieTix
  3. Walking my dog and tweeting for #TownieTix at the same time. I call this dedication to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles
  4. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is the album you should buy right now #TownieTix
  5. Great way to get people to learn about @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is by entering this contest. #TownieTix
  6. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album needs to break all album sales records. Buy it now to do it. #TownieTix
  7. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is the one album I can never get tired of listening to everyday. #TownieTix
  8. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow and everyday...listen to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. #TownieTix

Twitter (24 Tweets)

  1. Stayed up until 2 am listening to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. Such a great album that you should all buy it now. #TownieTix
  2. @OTownOfficial My dog loves #LinesAndCircles album too. He lays next to me and listens with me. #TownieTix
  3. #SometimesLoveAintEnough from @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album had me in tears. I love the song. #TownieTix
  4. Been listening to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album on repeat since I came out of church & will be listening to it all day. #TownieTix
  5. I'm at the gym listening to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album while on the treadmill. #TownieTix
  6. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is the best album ever. If you haven't heard it then head over to iTunes and preview it. #TownieTix
  7. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCirles album is out now. Buy it. You won't regret it. #TownieTix
  8. Trying to feed my aunt's 2 dogs & tweet about @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is hard to do at same time but I'm doing it. #TownieTix
  9. Help support @OTownOfficial by helping them get their #LinesAndCircles album to #1 on the chart. #TownieTix
  10. Showing my love for @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album because it deserves all the love I can give it. #TownieTix
  11. When I get home I'll be blasting @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album so loud the neighbor might call the cops on me about noise #TownieTix
  12. 8/24/14 is the best date this year because @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles is available to download on this date. #TownieTix
  13. Favorite songs from @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album are #ChasinAfterYou #IWontLose and #SometimesLoveAintEnough #TownieTix
  14. So excited for @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. I've been waiting for this for 10 years. #TownieTix
  15. I've never listened to any album as much as I've listened to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. #TownieTix
  16. Running out of things to say about @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. Just gonna say BUY it! #TownieTix
  17. If you could buy only one album it should be @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. #TownieTix
  18. I've never tweeted, Facebook posted or instagramed this much about anything except for @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles #townietix
  19. Calling all #Townie. Let's help @OTownOfficial reach #1 on iTunes Chart. #LinesAndCircles #townietix
  20. I was falling asleep in church but so worth it to listen to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album three times last night. #townietix
  21. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles should be nominated for #AlbumOftheYear because it is the #AlbumOfTheYear #TownieTix
  22. Hopefully all of us tweeting #LinesAndCircles it should get trended. @OTownOfficial #TownieTix
  23. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album makes you want to get up and dance. #TownieTix
  24. Here is a shout out to best boys ever @OTownOfficial. #LinesAndCircles #townietix
  25. All this tweeting about @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is so worth it if it means I get to see them in concert. #townietix

Instagram (14 Pics)

  1. @otownofficial #LinesAndCircles album out in Amazon. Go buy it. #TownieTix http://instagram.com/p/sFsm4rTPqM/
  2. @otownofficial #LinesAndCircles album is available for download at Amazon. Download it today. #TownieTix http://instagram.com/p/sFsxQxzPqn/
  3. I was lying in bed last night listening to @otownofficial #linesandcircles album. #TownieTix http://instagram.com/p/sFs5FXTPq4/
  4. Here is my pre-order of @otownofficial #linesandcircles album. #townietix http://instagram.com/p/sFtE4CTPrR/
  5. Here is an @otownofficial bracelet I made when I heard the #linesandcircles album was coming out.รข

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