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Just bought my general admission tickets for my mom and I to see O-Town perform at the Pop 2000 show at Joe's Live on July 13 in Rosemont, IL. I am so excited. I am going to do the after show selfies so that I get to meet the guys. I can't wait to see Erik-Michael Estrada again. Erik's 40th birthday is in September so I bought a Star Wars travel mug and Star Wars birthday card for Erik for his birthday that I will give to him when I see him during the after show selfies. This show will have performances by O-Town, Ryan Cabrera, Aaron Carter and Tyler Hilton. Will be my sixth time seeing O-Town perform, fourth time seeing Ryan perform and my second time seeing Aaron and Tyler perform. This will be my mom's fourth time seeing O-Town perform, third time seeing Ryan perform and first time seeing Aaron and Tyler perform.

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