Origami Stars

Intriguing Story behind Origami Lucky Stars
Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Hoshi in Japan. She highly loved the beauty of numerous sparkling stars in the sky on the clear nights. Hoshi was totally conquered by the stars' mysteriousness. Her love to the stars grew day after day. At every night, she would lie on the grass and contemplated the stunning charm of the eye-catching objects in the heavens. She stared at them for hours with the endless interest in their continuous light. She did wonder how the little stars could shine bright in the air for so long.

One day as usual, Hoshi watched the stars from the view of the earthly creature. Suddenly, she realized that the stars were falling out of the heavens unexpectedly. Those made her sad and cry afterwards since she was afraid that the stars would be eliminated till there was nothing to contemplate. Luckily, Hoshi got an interesting idea. She ran home to grab a jar and several pieces of paper. What would she do? Obviously, folding the paper to make the models of stars! She folded one paper star for one spot that fell, and put it in the jar. Within a night, the little girl created up to 100 stars.

Nevertheless, she was still unhappy because it was impossible to hold all of the stars in the sky. In the next day, there were few remaining stars that drove Hoshi to call for her friends' help. Many other little boys and girls were pleased to give her a hand. Could you guess how many stars were folded in that night? Amazingly, there were up to 2,000 stars created by the kids in her village. Who were the stars' owners? Definitely, the star folders owned their own stars and placed them in their own jars.

After that amazing achievement, the lost stars appeared again brightening the sky that made all the kids happy ultimately. The magical experience inspired Hoshi to say "These stars are lucky because of us. From now on, these paper stars will be called lucky stars." Then, she also looked up at the heavens and created the worldwide statement "Whenever a lucky star is made, a falling star is saved."

Her words were deeply kept in other kids' memory till they were all grown up. From generation to generation, the Japanese are most likely to fold the lucky stars and place them in the jars before giving them to their beloveds with the best wishes. Aiming to bring luck to the receivers, the origami stars have caught the worldwide attention and popularity.

Special Number of Origami Lucky Stars
1 star: The only Love
2 stars: The happy and compatible couple
9 stars: Love for the lifetime
55 stars: Love you without any regret
99 stars: The borderless love
101 stars: You are the one only in my life
129 stars: The forever and ever love
365 stars: The whole year of blessing
548 stars: Wishing you love me endlessly
999 stars: Everlasting love
10,000 stars: Love you 10,000 years