Lucy Camden-Kinkirk
Lucy Camden-Kinkirk
Lucy Camden-Kinkirk
Lucy Camden-Kinkirk
Lucy Camden-Kinkirk
Lucy Camden-Kinkirk


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Lucy Camden-Kinkirk?
Lucy Camden-Kinkirk is a character on the tv show, 7th Heaven.

Lucy Camden is the third of seven children of Eric and Annie Camden. During the earlier seasons, Lucy dated many guys before finally marrying Kevin Kinkirk in Season 7. She and her sister, Mary, once fought over a boy they called "Big Lips" and Lucy once dated three boys from the same family. Her first "crush" was Jimmy Moon and she had always wanted to be kissed because Mary had told her how wonderful it was.

Lucy decided to follow in her father's footsteps and attend seminary. After a short lived engagement to a man named Jeremy and a semester in New York she returned home. While visiting Mary in New York she met officer Kevin Kinkirk by chance at the airport and they made plans to go out to dinner with Kevin, and his brother. At dinner, it was Ben, Mary's ex-boyfirend at the time, who was Kevin's brother. Kevin eventually transferred to Glen Oak to be close to Lucy, living in the Camden garage apartment and becoming close to the family. He eventually proposed on Valentine's with her entire family watching. While being faced with her new marriage and school Lucy became pregnant with her daughter. She had a few close calls including collapsing in the grocery store when she was with Matt, and was later put on bed rest, having to graduate university from her backyard.

She took over as assistant pastor of the church before graduation and taught a teen sex class. She gave birth in late January 2005 to daughter Savannah in a department store elevator while shopping for items for the new baby, aided by Matt and a paramedic. While they lived at the Camden home for a while, Lucy and Kevin bought the house behind the Camden's. Kevin quit the force to be a stay at home dad and Lucy officially became assistant pastor. At Christmas they adopted two dogs, one huge and one tiny, Samson and Delilah, respectively. In the Season 10 season finale she announces to her family at Simon's failed wedding that she is expecting twin boys. Later in the summer, Lucy miscarried the twins and, as a result, is battling depression. She and her husband, Kevin, are now thinking about having another child.

Her Husband
Kevin Kinkirk is a character in 7th Heaven who is first introduced as a police officer in a New York airport, and soon revealed to be Ben's older brother. Kevin and Lucy set up a date as soon as they met, and like each other so much they decide to pursue a long distance relationship (between New York and California). Kevin eventually transfers to the Glen Oak police force, and moves in with the Camdens. Kevin and Lucy eventually get engaged and marry each other, living together in the apartment over the garage and then moving into the house directly behind the Camden's later.

Kevin has a daughter with Lucy named Savannah (named after Savannah, Georgia, where Lucy and Kevin's honeymoon took place). In one episode, Kevin gets shot and decides to be a stay at home dad. He convinces Lucy to adopt a great dane named Samson, but Lucy also makes the decision to adopt a tiny yorkshire terrier named Delilah. Kevin convinces Lucy that they need to buy their own house, and they do. It was revealed at the end of the 10th season that Kevin and Lucy are expecting twin sons, however Lucy experienced a miscarriage over the summer and the twins were lost.

Her Daughter
Lucy has a daughter named Savannah Kinkirk. She was given that name from the place where Lucy and Kevin had their honeymoon (Savannah, Georgia). She was born in an elevator when Lucy and Matt were out shopping for baby clothes and got stuck in an elevator. Matt, with a paramedics help, gave birth to her. She was supposed to have twin siblings but Lucy had a miscarriage.

Her Family
Her father, Eric Camden, is a pastor. Her mother, Anne Camden, is a stay at home mother. Her grandparents are Colonel John Camden, Ruth Camden, Charles Jackson, and Jenny Jackson. Ginger Jackson became her grandmother when her grandmother on her mother's side died and her grandfather remarried.

She has 4 brothers and 2 sister. Matt Camden is the oldest. He is married to Sarah Glass-Camden, a Jewish girl, and is going to school to become a doctor. They have twin girls. Mary Camden-Rivera is the second oldest and is married to Carlos Rivera. They have 3 kids, Charles Miguel Rivera and twins Emma Rivera and Grace Rivera. Simon Camden is the fourth oldest. He is currently living away from home and going to college. Ruthie Camden is the third youngest and the youngest daughter. She is currently dating Theodore "T-Bone". She went to school for a semester in Scotland. David Camden and Sam Camden are twins and the youngest in the family. They are currently being homeschooled.

Lucy has a brother-in-law named Ben Kinkirk and a sister-in-law named Patty-Mary Kinkirk. She has a half-aunt named Lily Jackson, an aunt named Julie Camden-Hastings, an uncle-in-law named Hank Hastings, and an uncle from adoption named George Camden. Lucy has a daughter named Savannah Kinkirk who was born January 24, 2005.

Why the fanlisting?
I am a huge fan of the tv show, 7th Heaven. I have seen every episode and own the whole collection on dvd. While watching the show Lucy Camden became one of my favorite characters next to Simon Camden. One day I was checking out the TFL Board to see what fanlistings were up for adoption. I saw that this fanlisting was up for adoption so I applied and got it.

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