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Back when LFO was around I wasn't a fan of them. I liked their music and owned both their albums but I didn't go crazy with them. I never followed their career or anything. One day I was on Facebook and saw an ad on the sidebar that said that Rich Cronin died. I was thinking, "Hey, he was in LFO. I remember listening to their music." I searched online and found out he died of leukemia. I then went to get my CDs of them and indeed he was in LFO. I went to tell my mom. Then about a month later I was looking at videos on YouTube and saw some of theirs that was uploaded by them. There was one about their breakup and about different sites where you can find them. I went to check out each site. Then I decided to create a skin on my website for them. I didn't have a skinned site so I made it skinned and created one for them. Then I stopped listening to their music and watching videos about them. One day I went to TFL to see if their was a fanlisting for them because I wanted to join it. I didn't see one so I applied to create it. When I applied I was thinking of doing just a fanlisting. Then I got approved to create it. I started to create it and when I was trying to come up with a layout design I decided that I wanted to create a site/fanlisting. I went to different fansites for music artists to see what kind of information to add and came up with this site/fanlisting.


I was approved by TFL on November 23, 2010 and opened the fanlisting the next day.