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I was 6 years old when I went to store that sold music (cassettes) and movies (vhs). I saw a cassette for New Kids On the Block (NKOTB)'s New Kids On the Block album. I remember hearing one of their songs somewhere and loved the song so I bought the cassette. It was my first album I have ever bought. I listened to the album and fell in love with the group. I then started buying magazines, books, bed set, lunch box, etc. of theirs. I saw a picture of Jordan in one the books and instantly had a crush on him. At 6 years old he was my first crush. Ever since then and until this day I have loved him and have had a crush on him all this time. When NKOTB broke up and he went solo I started follow his solo career.

I just love everything about him. His voice is just simply amazing. He is so gorgeous and no matter how he dresses and looks he is just gorgeous. There isn't just oneword to describe him.

I have always wanted to do a fanlisting for her but there was already one for him. TFL went on hiatus for over a year. At that time many fanlistings were forgotten about or closed. When TFL came back I checked to see if there was a fanlisting for him and there wasn't. I applied and was so excited when TFL approved me for this fanlisting. This was one of my most wanted fanlistings ever since I got into the community! I screamed for joy when I got the mail, and worked day and night on the website. To this day, this fanlisting is one of my most precious. Jordan will always and forever be one of my favorite male singer. My love for him will never fade or change. I will forever have a crush on him.


The original fanlisting was opened by someone else. I don't remember who the original owner was. I was approved by TFL on February 24, 2014 and opened the fanlisting the next day.