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This is just a simple list of some of my own favourite websites, sites I believe other people will love as well. If you have any suggestions on sites that can be listed here, please contact me :-)

Jordan Knight Websites

Jordan Knight Official Site
Jordan's personal and official website. It has news, videos and merchandise.

Jordan Knight Official UK Site
Jordan's personal and official website of the UK. It has news, lyrics and photo gallery.

Jordan Knight on Wikipedia

Jordan Knight Fansites

The number one Jessica Simpson fansite. If you're a fan of Jessica Simpson, you simply can't have avoided this website. It has everything, from simple facts, news and an extremely extensive gallery with over 100,000 pictures. Continuously updated, a must for all Jessica Simpson fans.

Team Jordan Knight
Group/fanclub for Jordan with pictures, videos, merchandise and fundraising stuff. It is run by some of the most die-hard Jordan girls around.