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Thank you God for all your wonderful blessings and allowing me to wake up everyday to do what I love. I want to also thank you for bringing all these wonderful and talented people into my life:

Miguel Melendez - It's so deep I don't know what to say...all I know is we've been through it all together and we're still standing (don't ask me how). I could never have found a better friend or manager...believe that! Thanx Bro

Robin Thicke - From the beginning you've always been here. It's been amazing to watch you grow & a pleasure to work with someone as talented & dedicated as you...Thanx...Did someone say Genius? Per Diem?

Jimmy Jam - Wow! You're a great guy and you're pretty good in the studio :) (HaHa)
It was truly a dream come true...PS -I got some new jokes...next album

Evy - For all your love and understanding, it's immeasurable, but most of all thanx for putting up with my crazy ass and letting me do what I gotta do...you're the best...I love you

Darrin Henson (Are you serious?...For real Bro? :) ) Your focus and drive inspire me and your moves are da bomb...best of all...yah make me look good...Thanx!

To My Family - I love you all but let's slow down on the kids...all these birthday parties are killin' me :)

Jamie Roberts (Thanks for the guerrilla tactics...I'm glad you're on MY side), Dave Blouin - Rose Cortina and everyone at Provident Financial Mgmt, Shane, TO the M.E.G Crew - Charlie "Vision" Pena, Traci Nakagawa, Florence Tse, & James Bunton (Thanks for keeping it all together), Deborah Cox(I'm still workin on that high note of yours!) & Slug, Pro Jay aka Pearl Jam (Thanx for adding the Flava), Johnny Wright, Michael Mav, Bobby "The Clutch Man" Keyes (I'd pay just to watch you play), Patrick Petty, Ryan Teare, Miguel Pessoa, Perry Geyer, Michael Africk dudes...Hutdafuc, Patty Salazar (Thanks for taking care of my travels all these years...) Nancy Fisher and United Airlines, Alan Thicke, Brendan Thicke, Bill Malina, Gerry Browne, Terry Lewis, Sue Owens, Steve "Hodg-E-Moto" Hodge, X-Man, Miko, Debbie, Alex, Big Jim, Stokley & everyone at Flyte Tyme, Andy Phillips, Hunter Luke, Paul Lyden, Raphael Sadiq, Donnie D (phat beat...good call - thankx for your help and as always...your friendship), Charles Veal, Marc benesch, Rick Barlowe, Jim Cullity (When is your album coming out...we're waiting), Tony Haley (You've nelped me through all these years...thanx man...let's have a Heine'), Father Flavin, The Melendez Family, The Maffeo's, Brian & Jen (The Late Night Crew...JENGA' JENGA'), Malik Williams, Stevie Bensusen, Claudio Cueni, Rebecca Wallwork & Interview Magazine, Kid David, Darren Grant (Thanks for the HOT video), Walter A, Sam Duque (For going beyond the duties of a friend & picking the single...What time is it!), John Dukakis, 95 South (thanks for the blazing remix), Kid Curry, Eddie Mix & Power 96 (I want to thank you guys for starting all this!!!), Jon, Joe Mac, Danny, Donnie, Dick Scott & Maurice Starr (There will always be a special place in my heart for you guys...

Jimmy Iovine (Thanks for hangin' in there...this has been an interesting ride...it's only the beginning....Watch!) Ted Fields, Tom Whalley, John McClain, Michelle Thomas, Lavetta Futrell, Brenda "The Radio Ruler" Romano, Chris Lopes, Steve Berman, Lori Earl, Nino Cuccinello, David Saslow, Dave Tomberlin (Get the interviews...by any means necessary J) David Bishop, Rodney Stevens and to theentire Interscope staff. I'm looking forward to working with you all.

To all the radio stations across the world that are playing my record, I thank you for giving an "Older Kid" a new start. MTV - thanks for believing & The Box for playing my videos every two minutes.
Retail Outlets...thanks for plugging the material.

A special dedication to Danny O'Hara who since I was 6 years old told me to "Just go out there and give it to 'em!!!'
This one's for you Dan...Rest In Peace.

To all my fans,

For those who have been there all these years...I say Thank You for your dedication. To the new fans I say Welcome!

You've written in the past that the music has helped a lot of you get through different parts of your lives. I hope you feel the same way about this record.

It's been a long time coming...but I think it's worth it!!!

Enjoy,... Jordan

It's been a while since my last commercial release...some of my fault, some more of corporate red tape's fault and even more of MP3 download technologies' fault. That being said, I gotta be honest. "I still love makin music, and I still love doin it for all my loyal fans, fair-weather fans, and sometimes whoever the heck will listen. That's what has kept me going is my love, passion and ability to perform. I can't give this raw talent and ability to myself so I have to give credit to someone upstairs...thank you!

I've been in the "biz" for a while now...since I was a youngster breakdancin in the streets of Boston and singin at talent shows with my 4 amigos...Donnie, Danny, Joe and Jon. I have met a lot of people along the way who have shaped my character, my knowledge, my savvy and my skill. There are "old schoolers," and people that will forever be in my life. I have to tell you, it's hard to make the difference between these categories.

Old school: My love goes back to hearing the beautiful choir at my church, All Saints, in Dorchester, Boston. From our choir's Musical Director, Herb Peterson and the late Danny Ohara's high flying falsetto, that I have often been credited for Thank you. Then when I became a teen and started hearing Grand Master Flash and later on Run DMC, I have to thank my neighborhood friends for sharing these beats and coming correct with representing the "chaos crew" (a bunch of us breakdancers and poppers who just wanted to make a couple bucks on the subway).Now comes the biggie: NKOTB and Maurice Starr. Donnie, I've known you guys sice elementary school, but never can forget this phone call, "Hey Jordan, it's Donnie! There's this guy and something you might want to get involved with. But I gotta tell you, its nothin like a church choir! This really could be big time!" Off I go to this man Maurice Starr's house in Roxbury. He's the guy that produced New Edition's music, and put them on top of the charts and on every urban and suburban wall in America. Was I nervous? No, I can do a windmill and spin on my head. Then he says, "sing this falsetto line for me"(it sounded like Phillip Baily from Earth Wind and Fire).....ok, now I'm nervous. "Just try to copy him, "I said to myself. Then, I did it! Bam! "Watch out now" he says, "we might have a star on our hands." Maurice, your belief and optimism in me has made a world of difference in my heart and soul (oh yeah, my career and pocket too). Thanks dude. Donnie, Danny, Joe and Jon....I'll never forget our journey, and most importantly each other....I love you guys!

New School: Miguel Melendez, soulfriend, visionary and just a damn decent friend. We're gonna have a lot of stories to share when weare old and gray. Chad Zimmerman, what can I say, we've hustled and bustled...I know you got my back + thanx for all your hard work and laughs. Lou Pearlman...your backin and constant phone calls..."dude, you're the shit///let's rock and roll" have inspired me tons. Brian "brizz" Gills, thanks for being a catapult in this new endeavor, my Dorchester friend. Joel Schaller for just being in our corner always! Salwa & Michael P., thank you for believing in my music. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. You guys took me seriously. Your talent and wisdom will never be forgotten. Robin Thicke...melody master, damn you worked hard for me! Good luck & God bless. Dakari, another "Boston" breathen. You put your heart and soul into makin me sound good and lettin write with you, although you're a ball buster in the studio, you've made me better. Thanks. Dougie and Slick...a dream come true to work with you guys! It's an honor. Aaron Accetta, your laid back attitude and willingness to hear my ideas and go with them has been relieving. You rock!

Others in no particular order: Jim Cullity, your friendship has been unquestionable. Hey, I wanna be a detective, you wanna be a celebrity...let's make this happen. Miguel Passoa, Michael Africk, Darrin Henson (let's make another hot as video, kid). Brian, Jen, & Brian Jr Rosher - my friends since back in the day. Criss Judd, Jason, Michele Martinez, Gabe, Travis Payne, Nsync, Johnny Wright, Jeff Timmons...funny talented bastard, Justin James...young talented bastard. Accountants Dave Blouin, Nick, Bob, Traci Nakagawa, Charlie Pena, Overbrook, Z International Entertainment, Surreal Life cast and crew, Holiday Rep cast and crew, Trans Continental family and Talent Rock staff, Ryan Bukowski & the Trans Continental Studios staff, engineers, runners, Aaron Carter and Tracy Barger Elizabeth Neff, Susan Webster, Luck Media, Susan Blond Agency, B5 and manager Jimmy Mac, Leon "Bubba" Ganter, TS and LH for help on the road, Sean Bonner, Emily Coffman, Albert "Al" Ketchens. Jim and Amy Cech + family, Jennifer Zimmerman and family, my new Milton fam-thanks for the boat rides and hospitality, Rich Cronin, Mya, Tina Landon, Leah Remini and Angelo Pagan, Jagstar...Sarah the 3 J's and Brad. VH-1, MTV, Much Music, Granada, Five Network (UK), The Daily Buzz, House of Blues, Hard Rock, Jesse Decosta, Valerie Zucker, Ryan Gardner, Matt Tucker, Management 101, Robert Waterman, Don Wruck, Alex Ross, Mix FM in Terre Haute for starting it back up. All the official JK websites and webmasters across the globe, to all the fan sites and yahoo groups!

Most importantly, to my everlastings: My beloved Evelyn and son Dante. If any well runs dry, I'm not worried...cause there is always a sea of joy between us. My family: Mom, thanks for always not pushing me too much...(well, sometimes, but for a good reason) and encouraging me to "rise to the top." LOVE YOU! Dad, thanks for all your understanding and love through the years. My siblings, Allison, Sharon, David, Chris & Jonathan. Love you guys! To All my nieces and nephews (damn, especially newphews)...love you all.

RIP...Luthor, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez, and my late Gramps...who never thought about himself...only us.

Last but not least, my devoted fans across the globe. Hope to see you all very soon!!!

jordan would like to thank

I'd like to acknowledge all the people who helped me bring this project to reality. My loved ones, Evelyn...you've helped in so many ways, you can't imagine. Dante...my little man, and getting bigger by the minute. I'm so proud of you.

Mom and Dad, brothers, sisters, niece and nephews. You'll always be there..thanks.

All the peeps at trans Continental:

Lou Pearlman, Brian "Brizz" Gillis, Aaron Accetta, Joel Schaller, Dakari, Michael Patt, Elizabeth Neff, Tracy Barger, Phil Setwart, John Cullen, David Galliford and the whole crew. Thanks for sticking in there with me and giving me your support.

Chris Woltman, Jerry Blair, Meredith, McHugh, Brad Zeifman at Susan Blond, Kyra Johnson & Amy Vogt at Pandemonium, Jamie Roberts, Miguel Melendez, Charlie Pena, Dino Esposito, Jeff Timmons, Jesse Decosta, Dave Blouin, Gerry Williams, Brian Selby, Melinda and Tony at Masterdisk, Rick and Marshall at Evatone, Joe and Edgar at Sony DADC, Kevin Day and the whole Rocket Science team, Maurice and the other "Kids".

Thank you all.

Very special thanks to Deborah Gibson for lending your amazing talemt!

Especially to all the fans who keep listening...once again, this one's for you!

To my team at home...Evelyn, Dante and Eric...
You are my love, my backbone and foundation.
To all the incredible fans on the road...
You are my fuel, my cheerleaders, my friends.
Thank you all for helping me along this wonderful journey.
I've learned so many valuable lessons along the way...
To stay open, to be patient, to stay true to you...
And blessings will and do come...
Our lives are always unfolding and growing...
They are always...Unfinished

Shout out to Clinton Sparks for linking me up with Marcus
Siskind and Mass Appeal. Good call Bro!!! Thank you!
Marcus...You're putting Boston artists on the map and staying>br /> true to the community...much respect my friend. You're hard
work and dedication makes ahuge difference for all of us.
Thank you!!! Boston stand up!!!

Also thank you to
Alan Grunblatt, Dee Sonoram,
Michael Healy, Veronica Melchiorre, Bill
Crowley, Chris Herche, Laura Lombardi, Rick
Rosenberg, Chris Isidori, Tracy Nguyen, Jason
McFadden, Chuck Oliner, Jay Devonish, Eric Alper,
Charles Book, Oscar Furtado

and everyone at Mass Appeal Entertainment
and Eone Music and Distribution

An extra special thank you to Donnie Wahlberg
for helping me get this project started early on and
encouraging me all the way through

And of course I could not forget my homies
Joey, Danny, and Jon
You guys are a huge reason this is even possible.
Thank you!!! This ride has been a blast!!!