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My mom and I love watching TV movies from the Hallmark channel. We would dvr them and watch them at a later time so that we could fast forward the commercials. One of the movies we saw was The Good Witch. We loved that movie.

Eventually a TV series, Good Witch, based on that movie was created. My mom and I watched season one and loved the movie just as much as the movie. We would have dinner together and then watch the show together.

For my love for the show and the character of Grace Russell I decided to make a fanlisting for her. One day I went to go to TFL to see if there was one for them and saw that there wasn't one. I applied and was so excited when TFL approved me for this fanlisting. I screamed for joy when I got the mail, and worked day and night on the website. This fanlisting is for the character from the TV show.


I was approved by TFL on September 9, 2016 and I opened the fanlisting on October 6, 2016.