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I opened this movielisting on February 14, 2007. The approval mail made me both scream of joy and cry of happiness. The reason is that this movie series is one of my all-time favourite movie series. I worked continuously on the content since the day I was approved it. The website was finished on February 14, 2007. :-)

I started doing fanlistings in January 2003 when I did a fanlisting for Joey Fatone (I still have that fanlisting). Then I moved to a domain and webspace and started doing more fanlistings. I had always wanted to do a fanlisting for The Fast and the Furious movie series but there was already one so I decided to apply over at The Movielistings Network and make it a movielisting. Even though the movielistings network is still up and running it hasn't been updated. I still keep the listing in the hopes that I will be able to adopt the fanlisting or apply for it at TFL and get approved for it.

I then moved to a new domain because my other one was part of an *NSYNC fansite I had done. I closed down the fansite and domain because I wanted a personal site and fanlisting collective. I later moved to another domain because the previous one was hacked into. For some reason code was put into all my pages and when you went to any page in the domain it was giving off some type of virus warning. I had deleted all from the domain and still could not resolve the problem with the virus warning so I created a new domain and added everything back from scratch creating ever page again.

I then started applying to create more listings. I applied over at the movielistings network and I am so happy that I got approved. I hope to one day own the fanlisting for this series!