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Carmen Diaz (Vanessa Rubio) is Miguel's mother and works at a hospital as an X-ray technologist. She married at age 18 but left her husband after learning that he was making money doing illicit activities. Carmen (then pregnant with Miguel) and her mother Rosa fled Ecuador to seek safety in America. The trio has moved frequently and was living in Riverside before moving to Reseda. Carmen opposes violence, and it takes some convincing by Johnny for her to allow Miguel to continue with his training. Carmen is nervous and worried about Miguel being hurt or losing during the All-Valley karate championship, but she and Rosa attend the tournament to cheer for him.

In Season 2, Johnny starts developing feelings for Carmen but discovers that she is dating a British man named Graham. One night at a bar, while having drinks with a Tinder date, Johnny overhears Graham not taking his relationship with Carmen seriously and confronts him to end the relationship. A few days later, Johnny takes Carmen out on a date at a Mexican restaurant, unaware that Daniel and Amanda are also having their date there. As Johnny and Daniel's animosity for each other cools down, Carmen teaches Johnny how to dance. After Miguel is severely injured by Robby in the brawl at West Valley High, Carmen breaks up with Johnny.

In Season 3, Carmen and Johnny reconcile when the latter becomes physically involved in helping with Miguel's rehabilitation but has her reservations about Miguel training again. Despite this, when the All-Valley Tournament is in danger of being terminated, Carmen urges Johnny to save it after realizing how much the tournament has helped both Miguel and Johnny. After Miguel and Sam save the All-Valley Tournament, Carmen and Johnny rekindle their relationship and sleep together at one point, with the pair uncertain about it becoming serious due to how it could affect Johnny's relationship with Miguel.

In Season 4, Carmen continues her relationship with Johnny, but decides to take it slow. They eventually reveal this to Miguel, who has already deduced this after finding Johnny's headband in her room, causing a strain between her and Miguel, who is upset with the fact that they hid their relationship from him. Later she finds out, after the All-Valley Karate Tournament, that Miguel is leaving to find his father in Mexico, and she reveals that Miguel's father is oblivious to his existence because she never told him about Miguel. Carmen pleads to Johnny to bring him home, which he promises to do so.

In Season 5, Robby and Johnny succeed in bringing Miguel home and Carmen is discovered to be pregnant with Johnny's child.