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Amanda LaRusso (née Steiner) (Courtney Henggeler) is Daniel's wife and co-owner of LaRusso Auto Group, as well as Samantha and Anthony's mother. She’s of Jewish Ashkenazi descent. She often serves as a voice of reason to Daniel in his clashes with Johnny and later Cobra Kai, offering calm and sensible insight in contrast to his impulsiveness. When Johnny arrives unannounced at their home, and begins to fight with Daniel, she calmly ends the confrontation by convincing them to discuss their differences over breakfast. After Daniel cuts ties with their employee, Robby Keene over being Johnny's son, Amanda not only convinces him to make amends with Robby, but to become his coach during the All-Valley Tournament.

In Season 2, Amanda is supportive of Daniel's rekindled interest in karate, but is also concerned about his ability to balance it with work. LaRusso Auto Group goes into a slump, which Amanda and Daniel reverse by completing a task of selling ten cars in one day. However, Amanda becomes frustrated as Daniel begins to spend more time developing Miyagi-Do as a full-time dojo than helping her manage the dealership chain. When Anoush leaves their dealership to join Tom Cole's (after Daniel stood him up), a furious Amanda tells Daniel he is failing to find balance, and stops speaking with him. As an attempt to reconcile with her, Daniel takes her on a date to a Mexican restaurant and is surprised to see Johnny at the same place with his girlfriend, Carmen Diaz. Amanda defuses the situation by suggesting a double date. When the rivalry of the dojos escalates, culminating in an all-out karate war on the first day of school, Sam is also hospitalized with broken ribs and lacerations on her right arm from her fight with Tory. Amanda furiously puts her foot down and forces Daniel to give up his intention of Cobra Kai's demise, as well as stop Miyagi-Do and karate activities to prevent any future incidents.

In Season 3, Amanda and Daniel struggle to keep LaRusso Auto Group operating as the high school karate war has damaged their reputation due to Robby's affiliation with Miyagi-Do and actions against Miguel during the school karate war. When she learns of Kreese's students attacking Sam and breaking Demetri's right arm, Amanda attempts to get Cobra Kai shut down legally, but only receives a restraining order after slapping Kreese with Amanda filing a restraining order against Kreese. Amanda approves of Miyagi-Do reopening to stop Cobra Kai. Amanda and Ali help Daniel and Johnny put aside their rivalry and come to terms with each other during the Christmas dinner at the country club.

In Season 4, Amanda unintentionally gets Tory fired from her job when attempting to defend Sam for her actions towards her during the house fight. After Kreese tells Amanda about Tory's current home situation, she offers her help for her mother and a new job, revealing that she was once a troubled and angry teenager herself. When she was in high school, Amanda was arrested for vandalizing her math tutor's car (with the tutor inside the car) for having an affair with her father (of whom she had a strained relationship with), blaming her math tutor for the cause of her parents' marital problems. Amanda was then charged with misdemeanor reckless endangerment and was not allowed to walk during her graduation, but her parents still wound up divorcing in the end. As she was able to turn her life around by changing course, she believes that Tory could also be given that chance, as both of their anger had stemmed from their feelings of being dealt a bad hand because of their home life.

Amanda eventually manages to get Tory back into school when she asks for her permission, despite Sam's protests, provided that Tory talks to someone non-karate related about her situation at home. Before the girls' finals, Amanda requests Tory to play fair with Sam and to end her rivalry with her. Tory, having been able to find help thanks to Amanda, takes this to heart and even takes concern for Sam's injuries.

In Season 5, Amanda is frustrated that Daniel is still involved with karate as she is unaware of his past history with Terry Silver. They later attend a charity auction hosted by Silver, causing him to become paranoid.

When Daniel leaves Amanda alone, Silver approaches her with a glass of wine and begins to gaslight her, not knowing this is part of Silver's plan to try and drive a wedge between her and Daniel. He begins to spread lies about Daniel by putting up a facade of a changed man to convince her. Furious, Amanda later confronts Daniel, who tells her it is a lie. Silver continues to manipulate Daniel by appearing to bad-mouth Amanda to one of the charity members, while he actually complimented Amanda, ultimately leading to Daniel bursting into a moment of violence. Daniel continues to try to convince Amanda that Silver is playing psychological games with them, and that everything she witnessed is based on lies. When she demands that he end his involvement with Karate and Silver, and Daniel refuses, she then tells him that she is needs space from him, and taking the children with her. Amanda, Sam, and Anthony ultimately go to Ohio to stay with her mother for a while.

During that time, she visits her cousin, Jessica Andrews, in a local restaurant. Jessica is shocked when Amanda tells her that Silver has returned. While they are talking about this, they are harassed by their high school classmate Elizabeth Anne Rooney. Although Jessica and Amanda ask Lizzie-Anne to leave, they ultimately get into a fight with her that Sam ends.

After they return to her mother's house, Amanda is astonished to hear all of the stories about Silver from Jessica that happened in 1985. Although she is surprised that Jessica never told her these stories before she met Daniel, she now realizes that Daniel has been telling the truth about Silver, pushing her to return home. She does so and now fully supports Daniel in his fight against Silver. During their time together, Jessica also reveals that she was the person who introduced Amanda to Daniel.