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Pic of the Day

On Twitter Sonja-Leigh of OTown Rewind did a game called I Spy where you can win the pick of the day. She will be doing this for the whole month. What she would do is tweet saying she spies a picture and you have to find that picture of google and tweet her the picture. The first one to tweet the right picture wins the pic of the day.

For today she tweeted "First to answer correctly using our any hashtag wins...I spy with my eye someone wearing tye die..#OTownRewind1YrAnnyMonth Tweet pic 2 me

I tweeted the picture which was correct.

I won this pic for getting it right.

Yay! I love the pic because Erik-Michael Estrada is my favorite member of O-Town.

Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez Fanlisting

The Jonthan Knight and Harley Rodriguez fanlisting is now open. The fanlisting is for the relationship between Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez. Please feel free to join the fanlisting.


Today Cassie did a contest where you had to re-tweet a tweet and she will pick one winner to win a bracelet.

What she did was put all Twitter names into a hat or something and pull out a name. That was the winner. She did not pull out my name so I did not win. She decided that she was going to give away another bracelet and this time she pulled my Twitter name. After this she did two more winners.

I won this bracelet.

Todd Carey Fanlisting

The Todd Carey Fanlisting is now open. The fanlisting is for the singer, Todd Carey. Please feel free to join the fanlisting.

Blue Bloods Fanlisting

The Blue Bloods Fanlisting is now open. The fanlisting is for the tv show, Blue Bloods. Please feel free to join the fanlisting.

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