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Today O-Town's Lines & Circles came out in mp3 format in iTunes and Amazon. It was actually available before midnight last night. All the O-Town fans, including me, had a tweet fest about the upcoming album last night.

Anyways, today Jacob fan (JacobOtownFan) / Erik-Michael fan (ErikMichaelFans) did a contest on twitter where she was giving one grand prize and two other prizes to three lucky winners. The contest was as follows:

Hello Townies! In honor of O-Town releasing their new album Lines & Circles, we have decided to celebrate with a giveaway! We are going to buy one lucky fan a GA (general admission) ticket to an O-Town show of their choice! Any city, and any venue, IT'S ON US! :) Wanna Know how to win?? Help us spread the word about Lines & Circles!!! It's that easy! Be the first person to complete the checklist below, and you could very soon be holding an O-Town show ticket in your hands! :) (If you already have a ticket to a show, we will reimburse you up to $45.00 value) 2nd and 3rd place winners will recieve a bracelet of their choice! :)

Contest will start at 12 pm
Central time on 8/24
8 Facebook posts
24 Tweets
14 Instagram pics
10 #LinesAndCircles related retweets!

All tweets, posts and pics must be promoting the new album! ***NO DUPLICATE TWEETS*** You MUST include the hashtags #LinesAndCircles, and #TownieTix in every post, making sure to tag @OTownOfficial in all as well! (If you do not include the #TownieTix hashtag, we can't tally your posts!) Please tweet and let us know when you complete your checklist, and we will start tallying. Good luck and THANK YOU for supporting O-Town!!! )

These were my posts: FaceBook (8 Posts)

  1. Please support @OTownOfficial by buying their album #LinesAndCircles. You know you want to. #TownieTix
  2. Once a #Townie always a #Townie. #LinesAndCircles #TownieTix
  3. Walking my dog and tweeting for #TownieTix at the same time. I call this dedication to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles
  4. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is the album you should buy right now #TownieTix
  5. Great way to get people to learn about @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is by entering this contest. #TownieTix
  6. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album needs to break all album sales records. Buy it now to do it. #TownieTix
  7. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is the one album I can never get tired of listening to everyday. #TownieTix
  8. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow and everyday...listen to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. #TownieTix

Twitter (24 Tweets)

  1. Stayed up until 2 am listening to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. Such a great album that you should all buy it now. #TownieTix
  2. @OTownOfficial My dog loves #LinesAndCircles album too. He lays next to me and listens with me. #TownieTix
  3. #SometimesLoveAintEnough from @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album had me in tears. I love the song. #TownieTix
  4. Been listening to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album on repeat since I came out of church & will be listening to it all day. #TownieTix
  5. I'm at the gym listening to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album while on the treadmill. #TownieTix
  6. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is the best album ever. If you haven't heard it then head over to iTunes and preview it. #TownieTix
  7. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCirles album is out now. Buy it. You won't regret it. #TownieTix
  8. Trying to feed my aunt's 2 dogs & tweet about @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is hard to do at same time but I'm doing it. #TownieTix
  9. Help support @OTownOfficial by helping them get their #LinesAndCircles album to #1 on the chart. #TownieTix
  10. Showing my love for @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album because it deserves all the love I can give it. #TownieTix
  11. When I get home I'll be blasting @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album so loud the neighbor might call the cops on me about noise #TownieTix
  12. 8/24/14 is the best date this year because @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles is available to download on this date. #TownieTix
  13. Favorite songs from @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album are #ChasinAfterYou #IWontLose and #SometimesLoveAintEnough #TownieTix
  14. So excited for @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. I've been waiting for this for 10 years. #TownieTix
  15. I've never listened to any album as much as I've listened to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. #TownieTix
  16. Running out of things to say about @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. Just gonna say BUY it! #TownieTix
  17. If you could buy only one album it should be @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. #TownieTix
  18. I've never tweeted, Facebook posted or instagramed this much about anything except for @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles #townietix
  19. Calling all #Townie. Let's help @OTownOfficial reach #1 on iTunes Chart. #LinesAndCircles #townietix
  20. I was falling asleep in church but so worth it to listen to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album three times last night. #townietix
  21. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles should be nominated for #AlbumOftheYear because it is the #AlbumOfTheYear #TownieTix
  22. Hopefully all of us tweeting #LinesAndCircles it should get trended. @OTownOfficial #TownieTix
  23. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album makes you want to get up and dance. #TownieTix
  24. Here is a shout out to best boys ever @OTownOfficial. #LinesAndCircles #townietix
  25. All this tweeting about @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is so worth it if it means I get to see them in concert. #townietix

Instagram (14 Pics)

  1. @otownofficial #LinesAndCircles album out in Amazon. Go buy it. #TownieTix http://instagram.com/p/sFsm4rTPqM/
  2. @otownofficial #LinesAndCircles album is available for download at Amazon. Download it today. #TownieTix http://instagram.com/p/sFsxQxzPqn/
  3. I was lying in bed last night listening to @otownofficial #linesandcircles album. #TownieTix http://instagram.com/p/sFs5FXTPq4/
  4. Here is my pre-order of @otownofficial #linesandcircles album. #townietix http://instagram.com/p/sFtE4CTPrR/
  5. Here is an @otownofficial bracelet I made when I heard the #linesandcircles album was coming out.â

Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson Honeymoon at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort in Mexico: Pictures, Details
Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson Honeymoon at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort in Mexico: Pictures, Details

Palm trees and blue skies in Paradise! Newlyweds Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson unraveled from their fourth of July wedding weekend at the luxurious Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort in Mexico, Us Weekly has learned.

Following their swanky July 5 nuptials at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, Calif., the couple flew down to the stunning property for a secluded (and sexy!) honeymoon, where an insider tells Us the couple stayed at one of the hotel's presidential suites.

"They had an amazing time and looked so in love during the entire visit," the eyewitness tells Us of the duo. "They enjoyed cocktails by the pool and spent a lot of time on the beach, just relaxing after their big day."

The gorgeous locale was enough for the couple, who, according to the source, didn't even visit the spa. "They just let the natural surroundings put them at peace," adds the insider.

Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson Honeymoon at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort in Mexico: Pictures, Details

Another source tells Us that Jessica spent time unwinding from wedding planning. "They [were] lounging around at the resort," the insider says, "and enjoying their first week together as husband and wife."

The Punta Mita resort is located along the country's Riviera Nayarit and boasts of world-class services and amenities. Johnson, a former pro football player, and Simpson had their choice of numerous ocean activity options, including snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, surfing, and even chartering a private yacht.

Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson Honeymoon at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort in Mexico: Pictures, Details

Simpson and Johnson, both second-time spouses, also celebrated her 34th birthday while on their honeymoon. The birthday girl shared a snap from the resort last Thursday, July 10, looking lovely on one of the property's chairs and wrote: "And the sun sets on 33."

Source: US Weekly

Scans: People Magazine, July 21 2014
Scans: People Magazine, July 21 2014



Jessica Simpson Turns 34, Celebrates Birthday Eve with First Post-Wedding Selfie
Jessica Simpson Turns 34, Celebrates Birthday Eve with First Post-Wedding Selfie

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Johnson! Jessica Simpson had something else to celebrate as the sun set on Wednesday, July 9-it was her last day of being 33.

The blissed-out newlywed returned to social media for the first time since her much anticipated nuptials to fiance Eric Johnson on Saturday, July 5, to share a pretty selfie with fans via Instagram as she prepared to celebrate her 34th birthday on Thursday, July 10.

"And the sun sets on 33," the mom of two captioned the picture, which showed her sitting outside, enjoying the sunset in a mystery honeymoon location, wearing a pretty brown-and-white chiffon dress, and looking serene.

Simpson's a big social media user, posting a slew of snaps of her divine bikini body in the run-up to her wedding. But the usually prolific Instagram fan had stepped away from the camera for over two weeks as she and Johnson prepared for and celebrated their wedding day.

The singer is evidently more relaxed about her increasing years than she was when she left her 20s behind. "It is official-I'm 30 and found a wrinkle," the singer tweeted when she hit the landmark age."Damnit!"

Source: US Weekly

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