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Rachael vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off—Episode 3

Fatone's Cannoli

In episode 3 one celebrity from each team goes head-to-head against each other cooing one dish. The judges are the judges from the TV show, Chopped. Each celebrity had to cook a favorite dish from one of the judges. Joey went up against Taylor Dane. They both had to create a pasta dish using some type of spaghetti.

After each dish was cooked the judges ate the dish before the next dish was cooked. They did not announce who won until after all 3 dishes were cooked. The 3 winners were safe from elimination.

The other 3 celebrities were asked to cook grilled cheese sandwich. This one was voted on by Rachael and Guy not knowing who made each dish. They chose Joey's dish because they said it was the only one where the cheese was actually melted considering it an actual grilled cheese sandwich. His sandwich was a basic grilled cheese sandwich as opposed to Cheech Marin and Lou Diamond Phillips, who both spiced up the dish by adding other ingredients. The one that was eliminated was Cheech Marin giving Rachael's team an advantage with 3 celebrities to Guy's 2 celebrities.

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